Why Nakul Shenoy

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a contemporary, suave magical presentation reserved for corporate and niche audiences. This unbelievable play of wonders amalgamates magic and mentalism to weave a stage show that is unique and unforgettable. Nakul's interactive and enchanting acts of mind reading are internationally-proven to amaze, entertain and leave you wanting more.

Corporate & Elegant

Powerful & Engaging

Topical & Unique

Interactive & Entertaining

ALL ELSE is a compromise

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a world-class act, counted among the most entertaining, interactive and captivating shows in its genre.
Why settle for anything less?

Featured Media Articles


The Hindu: Looking Beyond Abracadabra

By Allan Moses Rodricks.  February 08, 2015. City-based wizard Nakul Shenoy, enlarges on his belief of magic being about performance rather than tricks, with a book. For mind reader, magician and hypnotist based in Bengaluru, Nakul Shenoy, the secret to magic lies in the performance, not a series of tricks. To facilitate this notion, the enterprising thinker and performer has brought

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New Indian Express: Where a Magical Partnership Began

By Shilpa Kappur Vasudevan. November 10, 2014. ‘Mind reader’ Nakul Shenoy rewinds to the magic of his undergrad and postgrad days, where he discovered his calling in life. Nakul Shenoy prefers to call himself a mind reader and occupies himself by spreading the magic among straight-jacketed corporate executives. “Right from childhood I was fascinated by the world of magic and

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Yahoo.com: Can This Man Control Your Mind?

By Margot Cohen.  August 21, 2013. Nakul Shenoy has arresting hands. They jut out from the sleeves of his black blazer, with bony wrists and long, slender fingers that perform a calculated repertoire of gestures. Palms down, palms open, palms rubbed together in anticipation of the next trick. These are certainly a magician’s hands. But they are not busy making

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Book: Smart Course in Magic - by Nakul Shenoy

TRIED. TESTED. Loved. Respected.

Nakul Shenoy is a master communicator and a speaker of choice for premiere events hosted by top corporates: be it for his inimitable mind-reading acts or his highly-engaging keynotes. Combining his academic learnings with a rich industry experience, Nakul tailors each of his presentations into a never-seen-before experience — one that stays forever in the minds and hearts of his audiences.