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Amitabh Ray
Amitabh RayManaging Director, Ericsson Global Services India

Nakul and I worked in making a leadership and innovation presentation using magic as a backdrop. The concept was very new as the session was an interactive one. I was very impressed at his professionalism. We had a few interactions and every time I found him to be very focused and with full of ideas. Nakul is a great person to work with who can bring magic into any topic.

Suresh Iyer
Suresh IyerGeneral Manager, IBM India

Nakul has the unique ability to connect with corporate professionals leveraging interesting concepts of Magic presented in a most interesting manner that provokes and challenges the thought process of a corporate employee. Any corporate wanting to entertain and motivate its workforce should seriously consider his services. HE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

What We Deliver

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a contemporary, suave magical presentation reserved for corporate and niche audiences. This unbelievable play of wonders amalgamates magic and mentalism to weave a stage show that is unique and unforgettable. Nakul Shenoy’s interactive and enchanting acts of mind reading are internationally-proven to amaze, entertain and leave you wanting more.

Enthralling Experience

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is an internationally-acclaimed, stage-based mind reading show, that has been hand-crafted to entertain discerning audiences at top corporate and other global events.

The Perfect Fit

A rare blend of Mentalist + Magician + Communication Scientist, Nakul leverages his unique background to deliver engaging, impactful keynotes on varied topics of corporate interest.

Sherlock Holmes?

Nakul epitomises a real-life Mentalist: an expert in design, communication and people behaviour, he's an accomplished magician, hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and memory enthusiast.

World-Class Act

Delivering world-class cerebral entertainment, this interactive show crafts a unique, unforgettable experience and ensures everybody has a great time. In addition to international conferences and product launches, Nakul is engaged for large theatre shows such as fund-raising and ticketed events.

Keynotes & Talks

Drawing on a strong academic grounding in communication theory, a decade-plus industry experience in design research and over two decades of global entertainment experience, Nakul crafts the talk that is just perfect for your specific need; and delivers it in the most memorable manner.

Skills For Life

Leveraging on his rich experiences as a lecturer in communication theory and a trainer in design thinking, Nakul makes it evident that he is the best choice to deliver hands-on workshops to help understand the secrets of effective communication, influence and people behaviour.

Upcoming Events

Updates of any public &/or ticketed events featuring Nakul Shenoy are listed here.

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Magical Musings: The Nakul Shenoy Podcast

Via his Magical Musings podcasts, Mentalist Nakul Shenoy shares his perspective on all things magical: Tea, Books and Life. And of course Magic, itself.

Magical Musings - The Nakul Shenoy Podcast

Magical Musings: The Nakul Shenoy Podcast

We are happy to announce Magical Musings: The Nakul Shenoy Podcast where Nakul will talk about Magic and all things magical, which in his case is Books, Tea and Life. We look forward to launching this latest initiative to connect Nakul and his thoughts with you, his fans. We hope to bring in a fair …

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