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The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a world-class act and acknowledged to be one of the most entertaining, interactive and captivating mind-reading shows in the world. Why settle for anything less?

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Battling the Phantoms of the Mind

In a recent corporate seminar, I was espousing the thought that everything we did – or not, was linked to the mind. We are in a constant state of conflict with the mind, our mind – to take on the challenges that come our way in this modern-day world. And more often than not, the battle is lost even before

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Looking Beyond Blindfolds

We seldom choose to see the reality A lot of our friends are falling prey to a well-planned scam, and we have to do what we can to stop this. The mid-brain / third-eye activation programme is taking the country by storm, and young children are being shown to be able to identify colours & objects, read, drive, draw, et al., while

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Nakul Shenoy with Tony Buzan - High Res Image

Speaking of Memory – Why don’t we remember?

The human mind is a fascinating subject that one can immerse into for an entire lifetime and only manage to scratch the surface. Yet, that is when you look at it from the outside. Interestingly, we each have a personal exhibit of this immensely challenging topic, that we can study intently — using the mind to analyse itself. One of the more

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