New Year Greeting - 2012
With every New Year comes new hopes, new opportunities, and new beginnings. May 2012 conspire to give life to your dreams and aspirations -- to make it your best year yet.

Building on the work initiated via my Book Signs — Deriving People Types by the Books One Reads, I take a look into what the new year 2012 holds for you — based on the books you read.

Unlike other esoteric, psychic sciences, Book-Signs is solely dependent on your interest in the literary world and your reading habits. A good way to understand your self is to see what is your favourite genre of books, and align that with the most read books in the immediate last six months.

In addition to the forecasts, we have the lucky numbers, colours, and book-sign stones. Also introduced is the Book-Shelf Vaastu — a must-have, must-read book that will work wonders for your well being this year. If nothing else, display it prominently on your mantle or book-shelf and see the difference it brings to the quality of your life.

We also offer you the Book-Signs equivalent of the Karmic Drink/Food. Whenever it is that you are bogged down by what is happening around or need a peaceful revitalising break, get yourself the rejuvenating Book-Sign Iced Karma and experience the wonders it do to you — both spiritually and physically.

Look down the list to identify the genre of books most read by you — and read what the year holds in store for you:

Arts & Photography | Biographies & Memoirs | Business & Investing
Children’s Books |Comics & Graphic Novels | Computers & Technology
Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Education & Reference
Health, Fitness & Dieting | History | Humor & Entertainment
Literature & Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Parenting & Relationships
Politics & Social Sciences | Professional & Technical | Puzzles & Games
Religion & Spirituality | Romance | Science & Math | Science Fiction & Fantasy
Self-Help | Sports & Outdoors | Travel

The best part about Book-Signs is that it evolves with the ever changing you. For instance, a change in your interest topics, or a change in the types of books you read recently, influences your person type, and also has a bearing on what your future holds for you. In other words, you can change your future by changing your reading habits! Give that a thought.

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year 2012!



Arts and Photography

This year will see you make time to follow your artistic pursuit with more vigour and dedication. A break from the normal in March if taken, will see a more focused you in the remaining three quarters of the year. A longstanding personal aim will be achieved too. Planning has always been done, but this is the time for the doing.

Favourable Numbers: 1, 7
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Book-Sign Stone: Blue Zircon
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Snow Leopard — Peter Matthiessen
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Panettone Gelato Cake


Biographies & Memoirs

An incident that you encounter – in person or a book – will create an impact like none before. Life will change as you know it, with a far important goal taking shape in your mind. Success is a long journey away, but the year will serve to set you right on the path to achieving the goal. Challenges is what excite you, and this year is gonna be full of them.

Favourable Numbers: 2, 4
Lucky Colour: Black
Book-Sign Stone: White Opal
Book-Shelf Vaastu: My Family and Other Animals — Gerald Durrell
Book-Sign Iced Karma: White Chocolate Ice Cream


Business & Investing

An exciting year weighing on your prudent decisions with many people dependent on your guidance. If knowledge and experience is what you vie for, this year promises much of that. Your personal goals will be easily achieved, so it is important to set the right goals and ambitions to make this a year to reckon.

Favourable Numbers: 1, 6
Lucky Colour: Green
Book-Sign Stone: Quartz
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Art of Choosing — Sheena Iyengar
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Green Tea Ice Cream


Children’s Books

Life’s been exciting all-around and  happiness will continue to rule your existence. It is important to let go of any inhibition that may still be curtailing your enjoyment of what must be. The more you give this year will magnify your returns in the coming years. Among all the joy, remember to do what must be done, and well in time.

Favourable Numbers: 1, 2
Lucky Colour: Gold
Book-Sign Stone: Pearl
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Where the Wild Things Are — Maurice Sendak
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Hawaiian Sundae


Comics & Graphic Novels

Simplicity is what has fascinated you, and this year you will find new ways to make that which is complex quite simple. Hold on to the child’s eye and mind for that is what pushes far away and ahead of those around you. A workshop or conference comes your way this year and will shape much of what you do in the coming years.

Favourable Numbers: 3, 8
Lucky Colour: Pink
Book-Sign Stone: Yellow Topaz
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Peaceful Warrior — Dan Millman
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Vanilla and Cinnamon Risotto Gelato


Computers & Technology

A year to do something different and out of the ordinary — for you. This is the year of surprises and you will manage to do just that by mid-year. Life as you have believed will change – initially without your control, then because that is how you want it to be. Many decisions to be taken, and the most important ones will prove to be right.

Favourable Numbers: 3, 6
Lucky Colour: Violet
Book-Sign Stone: Pink Sapphire
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Autobiography of a Yogi — Paramahansa  Yogananda
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Vanilla and Caramel Swirl Ice Cream Pie


Cookbooks, Food & Wine

What is that you have been waiting for? That deep-rooted want and hope is bearing fruit this year, just when you have almost forgotten it. A pleasant surprise of sorts, and a well deserved one. A moment to be celebrated in the best way you know — with scrumptious food and wine. Enjoy savouring the fruits of life.

Favourable Numbers: 5, 4
Lucky Colour: Gray
Book-Sign Stone:  Albite Moonstone
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Kitchen Confidential — Anthony Bourdain
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Coffee, Rum, and Walnut Ice Cream


Crafts, Hobbies & Home

That pet project has been waiting to be picked, dusted and completed for a while now. It is not that it had been intentionally put on hold, but it did take a backseat owing to the three factors — you are well aware. Well, things will suddenly fall in place, and you will find that one ingredient that you have been waiting for to make this project meaningfully complete.

Favourable Numbers: 7, 5
Lucky Colour: Brown
Book-Sign Stone: Andalusite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Celebrations of Curious Characters — Ricky Jay
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Chocolate Sundae


Education & Reference

You have been talking of change for a while now, and here comes a perfect opportunity to make that change. Take the offer with open arms and pursue the path you have always wanted to — bring that difference to the life of those that so badly need it. Things will definitely not be easy, but they will be the most fulfilling. What more can one ask for?

Favourable Numbers: 7, 2
Lucky Colour: Blue
Book-Sign Stone: Turquoise
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Changing Places — David Lodge
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Bellini Sorbetto


Health, Fitness & Dieting

Another year to continue the efforts to scale the peaks of endurance. Unless you overcome the recent challenges that have limited you, this will prove to be a forgettable year. The difference between making this just-another-year and the year-to-talk-about, will be in your hands (and legs). You, as well as all else, know this the best.

Favourable Numbers: 8, 3
Lucky Colour: Green
Book-Sign Stone: Jade
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life — Jon Lee Anderson
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Chocolate Brownie and Raspberry Ice Cream Sandwich



Personal goals have been set and ambitions are in place, but there have been hurdles one too many. Will this year do the difference it should? The answer is within you and not outside. Get the papers in order, and stick to the chart of action, and there will be no stopping you. Deep inside, you know what really needs to be done — now is the time for it.

Favourable Numbers: 3, 9
Lucky Colour: Violet
Book-Sign Stone: Ruby
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War — Patrick Buchanan
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Mandarin Popsicles


Humour & Entertainment

Was it a book or a play? Whatever it was that you will finally put pen to paper this year. A lot many things need to change and fall in place for you to be able to get round to your dream project, and they will — for you have waited enough. A mini-opportunity comes your way in the next two months, and when it does ensure you don’t let it pass: Turn your dream into reality.

Favourable Numbers: 2, 1
Lucky Colour: Blue
Book-Sign Stone: Labradorite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Fifth Business — Robert Davies
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Apple and Pear Sorbet


Literature & Fiction

You are the only one that needs to put the books down for a bit, and enjoy the life that is outside. Travel beckons, albeit a tad unexpected. The uncertainty will quickly pass over and let the enjoyment and sense of adventure rule the roost. This is a new beginning, one that you will talk about as a turning point — in the new way you are going to embrace living.

Favourable Numbers: 6, 5
Lucky Colour: Green
Book-Sign Stone: Rhodonite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The World According to Garp — John Irving
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Chocolate Affogato


Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Time was always of essence, and it will continue to be a challenge to make time. You will fare better than before and be able make the time that is needed to fulfill the adventurer in you — taking on that personal trip or activity that has been on the wish list for a while now. A contented year it will prove to be with success both at work and play.

Favourable Numbers: 9, 4
Lucky Colour: Grayish Blue
Book-Sign Stone: Green Tourmaline
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Death in the Wrong Room — Anthony Gilbert
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Lemon Delicious Ice Cream


Parenting & Relationships

Every day is more amazing than the last and brings new successes. You have learnt to enjoy the challenges that come your way as a way to understand life better, and to win greater joys. There are nagging doubts if you are doing things right, worries about taking the wrong decisions, but you will soon learn that there is only one way to do things — and that is the correct way.

Favourable Numbers: 1, 3
Lucky Colour: Pink
Book-Sign Stone: Red Coral
Book-Shelf Vaastu: My Left Foot — Christy Brown
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Oatmeal and Cinnamon Ice Cream


Politics & Social Sciences

You begin the year fully charged up with a campaign you have supported wholeheartedly, only to be disillusioned with the way it is run by the second quarter. The cause is not wrong but the means do not justify the ends. It is time to rebook at the issue at hand, and devise new effective ways to ensure justice to the affected. You will rise to the challenge like fish to water.

Favourable Numbers: 8, 1
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Book-Sign Stone: Amethyst
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Down and Out in Paris and London — George Orwell
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Chocolate and Hazelnut Semifreddo


Professional & Technical

You are not one to be unprepared to changes, yet this one catches you unawares. Your resolve and determination see you back where you belong — at the top of things, within a couple of months, gaining you much well-deserved accolades from your peers. You have always prided yourself on rising to every expectation or challenge, and you live up to that ideal again.

Favourable Numbers: 3, 5
Lucky Colour: White
Book-Sign Stone: Hiddenite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Visions — Michio Kaku
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Sour Cream Ice Cream


Puzzles & Games

Like it or not, you have been rather comfortable living within your strengths. A new development changes all that, and forces you to reach in to your reserves and work your very best, to reassume your place among the innovators. It takes adversity to force you to change and emerge out of your comfort zone, but it is to your credit that you surpass all expectations.

Favourable Numbers: 8, 6
Lucky Colour: Green
Book-Sign Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Code Book — Simon Singh
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Fresh Fig Gelato


Religion & Spirituality

A close friend suffers a turmoil that drains most of your wit and energy away. It takes your best doing to set things right, and more than you have to handle the emotional backlash. It is your spiritual connection that keeps you going and builds your strength manifold to empower you to see the whole challenge through. You will learn a new way to look at life.

Favourable Numbers: 2, 6
Lucky Colour: Red
Book-Sign Stone: Aventurine
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Greatest Show on Earth — Richard Dawkins
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Tiramisu Gelato



You have set your sights on what you wish from this year. You also know what needs to be done to get there. There are two hurdles in the path, one smaller than the other. An unexpected support turns things your way and changes the larger of the hurdles in your favour. Put your worries aside and enjoy life to the fullest — for things will turn out just fine.

Favourable Numbers: 7, 9
Lucky Colour: Light Blue
Book-Sign Stone: Hessonite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang — Mordecai Richler
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Coconut, Banana, and Date Ice Cream


Science & Math

There is always an explanation to the way things work, unless you find one that truly cannot be explained. Welcome to another way of looking at the world, learning that it is indeed okay — and perfect at times — not to have an explanation. This is the year where you learn that “I Don’t Know” is a valid and correct answer to some questions.

Favourable Numbers: 9, 8
Lucky Colour: White
Book-Sign Stone: Chalcedony – Agate
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Glass Bead Game — Hermann Hesse
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Milk Chocolate and Pecan Ice Cream


Science Fiction & Fantasy

The world is changing, much faster than we envisaged — much of that which was science fiction is now a part of our daily lives. This year will see that trend continue, but you already know that fact. It will be surprising only because you will personally have a role to play or come into contact with two new-age gadgets that smudge the line between fantasy and the mundane.

Favourable Numbers: 6, 5
Lucky Colour: Red
Book-Sign Stone: Amaldine
Book-Shelf Vaastu: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket — Edgar Allan Poe
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Candied Macademia Nut Ice Cream



Every few years our belief systems get a rehash. This is that year for you. A theory or practice that you held very dear will come into question, and you will learn to look at it with new light. This interesting experience in a world driven by unlearning and relearning, will leave you energised with a fresh perspective to help people more than before – and more effectively.

Favourable Numbers: 1, 4
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Book-Sign Stone: Spessartine Garnet
Book-Shelf Vaastu: This Book Will Change Your Life — Benrik
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Cherry Sorbetto


Sports & Outdoors

You have meant to meet this person — a personal idol of sorts, but an actionable opportunity did not arise till now. Grasping a half-chance you will make the best of the moment and make an inspiring memory to be talked of for years hence. The inspiration and advice gained from the meeting will further your personal goals and contribute to making you better.

Favourable Numbers: 8, 2
Lucky Colour: Brown
Book-Sign Stone: Yellow Zircon
Book-Shelf Vaastu: Outliers — Malcolm Gladwell
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Amaretti Semifreddo



One of your planned trips will not materialise, yet it is more than compensated with a trip not planned for. The travel-addict in you is kept busy through the year, ending up doing more trips than most around. This year will bring you a moment that will change your perspective to things, and help learn and enjoy the world in more ways than one.

Favourable Numbers: 2, 3
Lucky Colour: Green
Book-Sign Stone: Kunzite
Book-Shelf Vaastu: He Who Whispers — John Dickson Carr
Book-Sign Iced Karma: Hokey Pokey


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