Vismayam 2008 – International Magicians Convention announced

I just received an update from the Magic Academy Trivandrum announcing Vismayam 2008 – The Internation Magicians Convention in Kerala, India. This will be hosted from 1 to 4 May 2008 at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Here’s the information received till now…


Magic Academy to host international magic convention

Thiruvananthapuram: With its high organisational credentials proven through three earlier mega events in magic held as Vismayam 98, Vismayam 2000 and Vismayam 2006, now on the anvil at Magic Academy is an international convention of magicians to be held on 1-4 May 2008.

Christened Vismayam 2008, the impending event is going to be a gift to the magic fraternity from the Academy on the occasion of its 12 th anniversary. The four-day magic fair will be the biggest ever conglomeration of magicians from different parts of the world.

Vismayam 2008 will find the modern magic and antique forms of legerdemain including among others, the traditional Indian street magic merging together reinforcing the feel of oneness in the magic world.

In the path of unbeatable records

Thiruvananthapuram: It was all a modest beginning. Exactly one year after its inception, Magic Academy cut the first birthday cake at Kerala Magic Fest in 1997. Though of limited magnitude, it was enough to bestow the Academy with great aspirations for the coming years. The break of May 1998 found Vismayam 98, a convention par excellence that set a native model for organising a well-scheduled, time-managed magic festival. Just a couple of years after, the Academy came up with Vismayam 2000 that set a professional hallmark in the convening of an international magic convention. Among those who assembled for the December festival were the widely admired stars in magic including Fukai (Japan), Jorge Blass (Spain) and lady magician Valerie (France). Three days of Vismayam 2000 saw professional arrangements, judicious time management and dedicated service being provided to delegates.

The 10 th anniversary celebration of the Academy titled, Vismayam 2006 held in May last, also went beyond expectations to leave indelible impressions as if an impeccable magic convention could have, in the minds of participating magicians. Mazma, the first-ever festival of street magicians held in Dec. 05 is also considered as a glaring achievement for the Academy.

Vismayam 2008 kindles aspirations

Thiruvananthapuram: “Earlier it was an imposing dream in our minds. But now, Vismayam 2008 is visible in the magic horizon as a nascent lodestar of hopes”, says the Executive Director of Magic Academy, Gopinath Muthukad.

When the very first sign of an international magic convention was conveyed six months ago during the decennial celebration of Magic Academy, the magic fraternity reciprocated to the idea with an upbeat response.

Give the best, get the best, share the best and benefit to the best of your levels, would be the slogan for Vismayam 2008, as per the minutes of a recently held Steering Committee of the Academy. Through Vismayam 2008, the Academy’s effort will be to outshine its own benchmark in the conduct of magic conventions.

MARC to host the fair

Thiruvananthapuram: MARC (Magic Academy Research Centre), a centre of excellence in the art of magic, established by the Magic Academy inside the government owned KINFRA Film and Video Park at Kazhakuttam, Thiruvananthapuram will be the venue for Vismayam 2008. Here the sumptuous mix of state-of-the art facilities and nature’s grace is expected to allure the hearts of delegates assembling for the four-day festival. Sprawling 75 acres of the KINFRA land has attained magnetic charm due to lush topography fondled by the fresh breeze that carry the cool of an adjacent lake.

Rules, regulations charted for Vismayam 2008 international magic convention

Thiruvananthapuram: Rules, regulations and registration procedures for the Vismayam 2008, the forthcoming international magic convention slated for 1-4 May 2008, have been finalised at Magic Academy.

Academy’s Executive Director, Gopinath Muthukad chaired a meeting held in this regard on 13 th at Magic Academy Research Centre (MARC), the proposed venue of the event, at Kazhakuttam here.

This meeting was attended by magicians, Prahlad Acharya, Mhelly Bhumgara, Kaizad Bhumgara and R. Rajamoorthy; Academy’s Chartered Accountant, M.B. Sanilkumar; Administrator Jayakumar and Asst. Editor of VMN, K.P.Sivakumar. Convention brochure enclosed with registration forms and list of terms and conditions will be sent to magicians by the end of this month.

Table below shows the three categories of registrations open for domestic and foreign magicians.

Country Category of Registration
India & SAARC Rs.1500

Without accommodation


Dormitory can be shared for free


Double room can be shared for free

Others $ 150

Without accommodation

$ 250

Non AC Room for free

$ 350

AC Room for free


* Performance by the world’s greatest magicians
* Biggest prizes ever offered
* INR.100000 mega prize for the star of the fair
* Four categories to pluck a prize
* Early bird incentives
* Air-conditioned convention venue
* First-ever test to decide Best Entertainer
* Parade for displaying your traditional dress
* Registration limited, celebration unlimited!

Details can be availed from Website to be launched soon