80,000 dead, and counting….

The official figures of the death toll in South Asia due to the earthquake and tsunami is already being put at over 80,000. Worldover countries, organizations and individuals are gearing up to contribute in their own way to help in the relief measures for the survivors and the affected.

Being the strongest earthquake in the world since the 9.2-magnitude Good Friday Earthquake which struck Alaska, USA in 1964, this is the fourth largest since 1900. more>>

The Guiness Book of World Records puts the highest death toll from a tsunami at 27,000, which was caused by an earthquake off the coast of Japan in 1896. Thus, the December 26 2004 tsunami is guaranteed to make a grim record in the Book with 80,000 confirmed deaths. Recent estimates by the International Red Cross put the expected death toll at more than 100,000! more>>

To Aid the affected

Bangalore-based rock groups Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) and Antaragni are performing a special show “to raise funds for the victims and families of the over 9,000 Indians affected by the tsunami of December 26”.

This is being held on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 at St John’s Auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore. Donor passes are priced at Rs 99.99. The event starts at 8.30 pm. Be there!

More fund raising…

The Magic and Allied Arts Development & Research Institute (MAADRI) is hosting Maya Jadoo – The Mega Magic Show on January 2nd, 2005 at the Udaya School Grounds, Vijayanagar, Bangalore in aid of the earthquake and tsunami affected families. Magician Prahlad Acharya is addressing a press conference at the Bangalore Press Club with regard to this at 1:30 PM today. Visit the mayajadoo blog for more details…


Note: Changed toll figure to 80,000.