A First Birthday of Sorts!

It is a year since I launched my newsletter and this sixth issue ensures that it has stayed true to its stated position of being “an occasional mailer”. Over the last five issues, we touched upon various topics of interest in the areas of persuasion, influence and human behaviour. I hope the thoughts shared herein has contributed in small and big ways – both in the office and life in general, and that this has lived up to your expectations.
As the regulars will notice, we have now changed over to a simpler design, giving more space and importance to the content: removing the frills and making it to the point. I believe this change in layout fits nicely with my all-new and updated website, and reflects the ever-changing and up-to-date content of my shows and talks. If you have not seen it yet, consider this my personal invitation to visit www.nakulshenoy.com.
In this newsletter I share with you a couple of my recent write-ups: one on our innate need to be fooled and the other providing a deep insight into hypnosis – which appeared in the June issue of Popular Science India.
Incidentally, the August issue of Popular Science India will feature my article on the unique relationship between Magic and Science.
Over the last couple of months, I have been busy giving the final touches to my first book on performing magic: the Smart Course in Magic. This book serves as an off-the-shelf course in magic and provides inner insight to the nuances of performing magic. More details regarding this will be availabe soon, including the ability to pre-order your book! So keep an eye out for this.
Over the next year, I hope to generate more utilitarian content on similar lines and send it over to you in a way that you could use the knowledge in your daily life to make all things better. As before I remain keen to hear from you – especially your thoughts on the newsletter per se, and of course on any topic of your interest.
Thank you for your kind-hearted support of my activities. I hope you continue to be interested in aspects of human behaviour and persuasion, and of course my endeavours in the same.
I look forward to catching up with you in person soon.