Yet another life was snubbed between the day-before-yesterday and yesterday.

This was another young boy, barely out of his college, barely out of his teens.

Having joined as a software trainee at an MNC barely a couple of weeks back, this youngster was living a dream of a better tomorrow… a promising future.

Actually he and his close-ones were still basking in the happiness borne by the latest appointment, and at the prospect of his working for the company… and thus carving out a niche for himself in society.

And then destiny (if one can indeed call it that) struck.

This young and vibrant life was snubbed out under the gruesome wheels of a lorry.

A dream, along with many other cherished ones, perished. Many dreams and wishes, told and untold, died a terrible death.

A brother, a son, a friend, … ceased to be.

Many questions come to mind. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Why him? Why now? Why at all?

Then again, these questions are meaningless now. So are their answers.

This brave and loving youth is now a mere statistic in the growing list of road casualties in Bangalore. When are we going to do something about it? How are we going to do anything about it? Can we do anything about it?

More questions. No answers.

My heart goes out to his close ones–his family, his friends, his relatives–who have known him most of their life… all his life. A life cut short by a gruesome accident.

As I write this I pray that God blesses his family, and provides them all the strength they need now. I beg God to take good care of them all.

I hoped to meet him one of these days. And that was not to be.

May his soul rest in peace. That’s indeed all I can say now.

But again, those words seem so hollow. So meaningless.

I do hope not.

For that’s indeed all I can say: May his soul rest in peace.