President Bush Meets with Al Arabiya Television on Wednesday

Interview of the President by Al Arabiya Television — Transcript obtained from theThe White House website.

Q Mr. President, thank you for giving us this chance here in Al Arabiya. Regarding the alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners, six U.S. soldiers are being reprimanded. Do you think that’s enough?

THE PRESIDENT: First, I want to tell the people of the Middle East that the practices that took place in that prison are abhorrent and they don’t represent America. They represent the actions of a few people. Secondly, it’s important for people to understand that in a democracy that there will be a full investigation. In other words, we want to know the truth.

In our country, when there’s an allegation of abuse — more than an allegation in this case, actual abuse, we saw the pictures — there will be a full investigation and justice will be delivered. […]

And there it began… 😉

[…] And we will find the truth, we will fully investigate. The world will see the investigation and justice will be served. […] […] They will know the truth, just like the American citizens will know the truth, and justice will be served. […] […] And so the people in the Middle East must understand that this was horrible. But we’re dealing with it in a way that will bring confidence to not only our citizens, which is very important, but confidence to people of the world that this situation will be rectified and justice will be done. […] […] The strategy in Fallujah is to empower Iraqis to step up and take control of the security situation; that we’re on our way to the transfer of sovereignty. And people who feel like that they can wreak havoc on innocent Iraqis will be brought to justice in Iraq, either by Iraqi citizens and/or by coalition forces. […]

And did anybody see the President’s face when he was asked the following question? I am told it was worth watching then… if it ever was!!

[…] Q Mr. President, you went to Iraq as a part of your project in the Middle East, and flourish democracy over there. To which extent you are willing to go further to flourish a democracy? Are we going to see in the future more action against some other countries to flourish democracy over there, like Syria?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I think it’s — first of all, you’ve got to understand, sir, that military options are always my last option, not the first option, and that we can promote freedom without use of military. There are ways to stand with reformers and encourage reform and hold up examples of where societies are more stable and more free as a result of democracy and freedom. […]

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Thanks hiranya02 for sounding me off on this interview… 😉

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  1. A prize idiot indeed! I’m just completely stumped as to how American people still have confidence in him – he probably has a really strong horoscope! 🙂

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