A ‘nationalist’ feeling…?

Shishir Bhate, in his Rediff.com editorial Why am I disturbed about Sonia as PM? writes:

[…] I may seem to be insular, intolerant, bigoted, even a Sangh Parivar lackey. But I have no political affiliations. It doesn’t bother me which political party holds the nation’s reins or controls the nuclear button: they are all the same — power hungry, manipulative, corrupt.

I never had any trouble accepting Mother Teresa as an Indian. I like foreign films. I do not have an aversion to everything that is imported from yonder shores: jeans, computers, cars… But an imported PM?

So why am I disturbed if Mrs Gandhi is about to take charge?

Frankly, I cannot explain why. It’s an emotional thing, a sensation I can’t quite put my finger onto — like an itch I cannot scratch, like religious faith.

It is a feeling where you suspend judgment, and reflect in manner against which reason might probably rebel in saner moments. Logic cannot explain it.

I believe it is fashionable to project, allow, and accept a foreign-born person to hold sway over the nation. Maybe, it adds weight to your secular, liberal credentials. Maybe, it wins you brownie points amongst the intelligentsia. Maybe, it helps you don the holier-than-thou attitude and frown upon at the ‘less liberal.’ […]

My question:
How did Shishir know my thoughts and feelings?!