I guess I have said this earlier too… but now is the time, if any to repeat myself. Star World has been showing promos of ‘Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed!’, with the blurb that its “coming soon”.

And this is a cause for worry. For magicians surely. Also for magic lovers and enthusiasts.

Some of the best kept magical secrets, from levitating a woman, to changing a lady into a lion, and much more are going to be exposed to the general public, pretty soon.

Is there anything we, the magician and magic fan community, can do to prevent the infamous “masked magician series” to pluck away the mystery, charm, and entertainment that is intrinsic ONLY to the art of magic? The world magic community tried, through the auspices of the World Alliance of Magicians… To not much avail. Can we fare better… that is the current subject of my new blog: The Indian Magicians Blog.

Dunno if something will come out of this. But I don’t want to be in the unenviable (and shameful) position to say: I didn’t try!


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  1. There are all sorts of things I enjoy learning, but honestly, I don’t want to know magicians’ secrets. It would take all the fun out of it!

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