A question to the Indian magician community?

The Context:

Recently, I had received a mail from Magician R Rajesh Kumar, bringing to light how some magicians are teaching professional magic tricks in TV programmes, in the guise of “share a secret” with the audience.

Rajesh, vehemently opposed any exposure of “standard” and “professional” secrets. His SOS call to the magician fraternity of India, through the IndianMagique eGroup seemed to fall of deaf ears , mostly due to the magicians being busy with their own worries. And sadly, that list on nonrespondents included even yours truly.

The Follow Up

I finally decided to make some time (and some amends) and write in my thoughts on this subject, to the Indian magicians fraternity, in the light of Star World telecasting the notorious ‘Masked Magician Series’ or ‘Greatest Secrets of Magic… Revealed’.

I reproduce my letter at this Blog (what better way to start it than such a controversial topic?), and plan to keep publicising my thoughts on this to the Indian public…

The world magicians community had fought this evil, to what was a very limited success. And I really do not have much hopes of the Indian fraternity overcoming the same…

Here goes for nothing…

The Letter

Dear Brother and Sister Magicians of India,

Magician Rajesh recently wrote in to us at IndianMagique eGroup, and expressed his fears regarding exposure of magic on prime time TV.

I guess most of us did not react either because we were too busy to react, or because it did not impact us directly.

I would prefer thinking it was the first reason… although I fear that most of us in fact did not react dues to the second reason…

Just in case we have NOT read Rajesh’s post, I am retaining it in this mail, so that you can read it too…

The immediate reason for this mail, is to try and rekindle some interest in this topic. A topic that is going to touch our lives (and shows) in a few days… Star World is going to telecast the Masked Magician Series in India! Yes the feared “Greatest Secrets of Magic… Revealed”.

It’s time all of us, who sat aback lazily (including even those that watched the said Series on pirated CDs), sat up. We might have been happy to see the exposure videos as we bought them from (un)scrupulous magic dealers across the country.

Nothing wrong in that (?), as they were selling a recording of something that appeared on TV (although not in India), and charging only for the CD-burning costs… Or at least that is what the argument would be.

Wake up people.

Now people all over India, and Asia, and the world (as if we are bothered about those…) are going to sit in their living rooms and learn how to change a lady into a lion, how to levitate a woman, and even to cut a woman in half… All so nicely explained, courtesy the masked magician. We now know who he was… not that it helped!

Tell me. Tell yourself. What are you going to do about this?

Yours in magic,