At a recent executive coaching certification workshop organised by ISEC India, I shared a special tool with the gathered senior executives to enable a quick and effective way to relax and increase focus on the issue at hand.

This method has its roots in hypnotism, NLP, and meditation, but is a standalone tool that could be put to best use everytime you are too tensed or bogged-down and need to relax your mind and help it focus better.

Start by sitting in an upright position, your back resting straight on the chair, feet firmly flat on the ground, with the palms of your hand resting on your knees. All in all, sit in a comfortable position, and close your eyes.

Now take a long deep breath… hold it… and then exhale slowly. Watch and feel your body breathe. Repeat this two more times. Each time, take a deliberate but relaxed deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds, and then breathe out: as slow and long drawn as you comfortably can.

Once done, slowly open your eyes, and you will find yourself in a much relaxed state, ready to focus on anything that needs your full attention.

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  1. good one let me try

  2. Very interesting technique. Will try it out. This is sure useful for me, as I frequently get stressed or worked up…

  3. Good one Nakul… I liked it.

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