A welcome law: Let’s emulate Kerala!

From the Deccan Herald, December 17 2006:
[…] On Saturday afternoon, the Kerala government issued an order that prohibits spitting, coghing violently and clearing one’s nose — without adequately covering it — at public places. The various kinds of spitting that have been banned include ‘spitting pan’ and ‘spitting after clearing one’s throat violently’. […]

This is a landmark and progressive (and welcome) order, although the success totally depends on its effective implementation.

I now look forward to such an order in Karnataka, and all parts of India. Mumbai had taken a similar step quite some time back when it banned ‘Gutka’ from its streets and places.

I do hope that among all the trademark politicking, the government of Karnataka brings about a similar rule here.

Perhaps the High Court here too would issue a suo moto directive to the government to egg them along?

If not, at least the BMP (that likes to proclaim its existence through all the flyovers and underpasses) could bring about such a landmark restriction in the silicon valley.

Yes! I am in a rather optimitic mood today; For I hope that the powers that be pitch in before Bangalore/Bengalooru gets a new name – Scarlet Valley, which is how most parts of the city resemble now!


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