About India and Yahoo! Groups…

I just made a (repeat) post at: IndyMedia.org.

Don’t get the Government of India wrong here.

The intentions are noble… The problem is only with the means…

The problem at hand is that even though they have banned Yahoo! Groups per se, it will make no impact on the members who would still be successfully exchanging e-mail messages routed thorough the eGroup.

Again people can use software which enable open proxy. This enables people to “cheat” the server and the ISPs and access the site!

What the Govt of India should do (if banning the eGroup is the only solution) is to block the email address of that eGroup, which would prevent its functioning….

A better thing to do might be to make an open call to the netizens of India to join that and all anti-India eGroups and make sure Pro-India opinions are heard there in…

Vande Maataram!
(O Mother. I Bow to Thee!)