About Nakul

Nakul Shenoy with Tony Buzan
Nakul Shenoy with Tony Buzan – the world renowned memory expert and creator of Mind Maps

NAKUL SHENOY is The Mind Reader – a leading corporate speaker and entertainer with unique insights on influence, persuasion, and people behaviour. An expert magician and hypnotist, he travels the world addressing elite audiences drawn from top corporates.

“This magic man can read your mind”

“He knows what you’re thinking”
The Hindu 

Nakul took to magic at the age of five via his fascination for the comic book ‘Mandrake The Magician’. He performed his first public show at the age of 15, and since then has continued in his self-professed journey to be “a real-life Mandrake”.

Over the last two decades, Nakul has grown to be a sought-after entertainer for Fortune 500 companies and other coveted events, and has performed at venues in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK and the USA.

Nakul Shenoy with Azim Premji
Nakul Shenoy with Mr Azim Premji, the chairman of Wipro Limited

Having influenced thousands of business leaders, high achievers, and celebrities through his shows, Nakul counts entertaining Azim Premji and opening for Tony Buzan as being his most coveted performances till date.

“A magician with impossibly fast hypnotic skills, he captures young hearts as they wonder how on earth he does what he does. He creates magic.”
The New Indian Express

A Master of Science in Communication from Manipal Institute of Communication, Nakul has over a decade’s experience in Usability Research and Design. With multiple patents to his name, Nakul continues to consult for top companies on select projects via PeepalDesign: a Ux Design & Research firm that he co-founded.

When he is not travelling in and out of airports, Nakul lives with his wife and three kids in Bangalore, India. A compulsive reader of books “on every topic under the Sun and beyond,” he haunts Twitter as @nakulshenoy.