Post the phenomenal success of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore has been continuing his activism (tirade?) against the Bush regime, and the re-election campaign.

Among other things he has filed a theft complaint with the Lansing City Police today stating that “someone has stolen both the brains AND the sense of humor from the Michigan Republican Party.

If you consider that the ultimate in activism, wait till you watch this video at one of the colleges he toured, to encourage the students to register themselves TO VOTE. Michael among other things, is seen offering a choice between a weeks’ supply of noodles, a clean underwear, or even a free cleaning of the hostel room, all in exchange for Signing-up to Vote!

No wonder then that the Michigan Republican Party has called for Michael’s arrest, in opposition to what they term is Michael Moore’s Illegal Influence!

Here’s a video of Michael doing the ‘unthinkable’!


  1. I have issues with MM’s “facts” at times, but he certainly is a good court jester. If he gets people to vote, then… good!

    1. To every man his own answer 😉

      Yeah. At most instances it is MM who comes across as the fanatic, but he always brings along the laughs. And amidst those laughs, if he can get more people to come out of their dens, and vote… that should be good for ANY democracy. Even the American.


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