Advertising The Nakul Shenoy Experience

After long last, we decided to create some adverts that reflect the spirit of Beyond Magic and The Nakul Shenoy Experience. These would be sent out via various modes to our contact base and also used as pure advertisement in other modes of communication.

Here then is the first public preview of all the six adverts that have been released.

I hope you like them and look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

NOTHING comes close. New Acts. New Presentations. Same Life-Changing Experience.

ALL ELSE is a compromise. The Nakul Shenoy Experience. Truly World-Class. Proudly Indian.

Tried. Tested. Loved. Respected. The Nakul Shenoy Experience. Why settle for anything less?

Paranormal is mundane. The Nakul Shenoy Experience. Too Good To Be True. Or Not.

Bring Along THE SIXTH SENSE. The Nakul Shenoy Experience. Five senses are just not enough.

BELIEVE YOUR EYES. The Nakul Shenoy Experience. Seeing is believing. Or so they used to say.

Nakul Shenoy is The Mind Reader – a leading corporate speaker and entertainer on topics of Persuasion, Influence, and People Behaviour. An occasional blogger at, he haunts Twitter as @nakulshenoy

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