The recent spate of devastation (tsunami, floods, cyclones, earthquakes) seems to be communicating a message to us, mere mortals. We–who are too busy fighting each other over land, water, and oil–seem to be given a small warning.

While nations and its peoples wage wars with each other — and with other nations and peoples, Nature seems to be sounding a warning bell. And the message seems to be loud and clear.

I do not care if you are a developed country or a developing one. I do not care if you are a city in the first world or the third world. I do not care if you are a democracy or a socialist or a communist or an anarchy. I do not care whether you are a defined territory or a disputed one. In fact, I do not care for your bickerings. I do not care for your ideologies.

I am sick and tired of you trying to prove who is more powerful, and who has the more devastating of weapons.

I can destroy you in less than minutes. I can annihilate you in a little more time. And no weapon in your arsenal can help you.

Learn and repent, while there’s still time. Stop your childish ways. You have had 5000 years to learn to live as humans. It’s about time you learnt to live in peace and harmony. And your time lasts till my patience does…


The question now is: Is anybody listening?



  1. Makes a lot of sense. Don’t know when we learn.

    1. Hey Guru,

      Nice to know you are back… I am back in B’lore too after another trip. Let’s catch up sometime.


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