And now, a logo for individual rights…

As the public discussions and debates on individual rights, especially those related to privacy and identity, increasingly take importance, a new logo has been launched to represent Individual Rights.

This new Individual-i logo “represents the right to privacy and anonymity in the information age. It represents the rights to an open government, due process, and equal protection under the law. It represents the right to live surveillance free, and not to be marked as “suspicious” for wanting these other rights.”

The Individual-i logo stands for:
* Freedom from surveillance
* Personal privacy
* Anonymity
* Equal protection
* Due process
* Freedom to read, write, think, speak, associate, and travel
* The right to make your own choices about sex, reproduction, marriage, and death
* The right to dissent

Sign! It is indeed an optimistic sign. Then again, is anything really going to come out of this effort… We will have to wait and see.

PS: Thanks supergee. I saw it first on your blog.