This is as perfect an occasion as any to decide and return to active blogging — a habit developed with LiveJournal in the February of 2001. Over the last few years I felt no urge, no need to blog, save the occasional posting of a news article/update just to keep an online record.

Today, looking back, it is clear that it was the LJ community (“friends”) that kept me wanting to share my thoughts with others — and discuss and deliberate each opinion expressed. Typing my thoughts into a cyberspace that very few had much time in this day did not interest me anymore.

The last couple of years has brought the LJers back into my life in the strongest possible way (although many of them may not even be aware of LJ!) and rekindled my enthusiasm to share, to discuss, to deliberate. Yes! I talk of the Twitterati that now rule most of my free brain time.

It was in the December of 2008 that I gingerly joined Twitter, but by February I was totally thoroughly hooked to this marvellous communication medium. The last two years plus  have seen me most active at the Twitterverse, amazing myself with the 38K+ tweets I have sent already!

Somewhere among all this, the forgotten urge to get back to active blogging — not just the micro-blogging that has kept me engaged, but the long winding articulations that was my second nature for some years — re-emerged strong and influential.

Clearly, this is as good a time as any. Yet, there could not be a better time to put three days (and nights) into setting up a WordPress blogging platform, personalise it, and deligently categorise the 500-odd blog entries imported from various blogs I have tried to maintain over the years. (Do not forget to visit the Photo Gallery!)

It was this week that the Internet & Media giant Google launched Google+, to propose social networking in the Google way. Before we exclaim “yet another social networking tool!” we should take into account that interest in (and loyalty to) Orkut has been on the wane for a couple of years now, that Buzz did not exactly take off, and the much hyped Wave died making no splash. It is in this context that Google has released the outcome of a highly secretive project — and also their most ambitious.

If all goes per Google’s script, they hope to not only take on Facebook, but also be the preferred platform for all our online needs, taking most all on the cloud, and a world coloured Chrome. That is indeed a life changing story we will all script, act, watch and chronicle.

As I said before, a perfect day as any to get back to active blogging, in addition to the tweeting.

Meanwhile, it has been two days since I became G+, and all I can think of is when (and how) will Google+ integrate with Twitter. Speaking of which, it’s been more than a day since I tweeted! *runs along to twitter*

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  1. I’ve been inactive on Twitter for a while now. Even I ave started blogging more often, after I started using google plus. Not sure why though.

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