Andrei Herasimchuk’s open letter to Jakob Nielson

In an open letter to Jakob Nielsen, posted at DesignByFire, Andrei Herasimchuk has challenged Nielsen’s recent Alertbox (Why Consumer Products Have Inferior User Experience) and much of his other writing at

Herasimchuk concludes the open letter to Jakob Nielsen as follows:
[…] I have a suggestion that I hope you take to heart. Prove to the world that you understand what it takes to provide the world with good design. Prove that you understand that good design, especially as it pertains to the field of high-technology product design, is also about nuts and bolts, honest, straight-forward usability. Prove to the designers out there you understand the principles of good design by tackling your own little spot on the world wide web.

Redesign with your own two hands. Do the work yourself. Make it readable. Make it pleasing to the eye. Fill it with content that inspires people to do better in their own work. Take the time to employ some basic typography principles. I’ll even let you borrow my copy of Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. Create a pleasing color palette. Create some simple, yet elegant informational graphics. Go take a few photos.

Do all of this and make your own web site usable. It is possible. In fact, for someone who is at your stage in their career, I would claim it is required. […]