Another magic show… This time for Planetasia.

Performed a show for Planetasians yesterday at the Capitol. It was nice meeting up with old colleagues and friends. Truly, there’s something about that company, may be because it was my first company, and also the one where I did my internship…

Whatever the explanation, there is indeed something aboutPlanetasia that makes it a part of you… that never lets go. The best answer I can find to this paradox is in Pradeep Kar’s words: “Once a Planetasian, always a Planetasian”.

Little wonder then that I am extremely satisfied with the show that I presented for them yesterday; the reward for which could NEVER have been more, than as expressed by Pradeep in his speech (reproduced here and at my site as best as I can remember it…) :

Personally I do not believe anything is really possible with magic. It has to be a combination of mechanics, technology, art, and science, at various levels. All through his performance I was watching intently to try and find some logic, some explanation for what he did. But I have failed to apply any logic to it. I have no idea how he does what he does! Thank you Nakul. That was a great performance!

As I said, THAT is my reward. Not too sure if something else will come close to those words in the near future…


PS: Thanks Pradeep, Bekay, Suresh, et al. It was indeed a pleasure and honour to entertain you.