Bangalore has The Magic Space…

My friend Giridhar Kamath (of The Magic Shop, Bangalore) is all set to launch a new and revolutionary magic store called The Magic Space in Bangalore.

Unlike the other few stores we have in the country dealing with magical props, The Magic Space is set to be *the place* for magicians from all over the state and country to meet up to discuss the nuances of the art:

The Magic Space, Bangalore is the perfect place for magicians to get together for a tete-a-tete, to exchange ideas, to read magic magazines and books, or just for a cup of tea/coffee; a next generation Magic Shop where you can catch up with magician friends – old and new.

If just that was not enough, you can also experience and buy all kinds of high-quality magical wares here: from the oldest to the latest product in the world market, from the best in genre to your all-time-favourite item.

My recent conversations with some of the top magicians in the country also shows that the excitement is catching. Magician M Yona, Mega Magic Star Kudroli Ganesh, Cardician Shekhar, Indian Houdini Prahlad Acharya, and many more expressed their keenness in holding lectures and presentations at The Magic Space, Bangalore.

Nothing surprising in there, given that Giri has always been giving that extra importance to the quality of the magic apparatus manufactured by him.

And that’s enough to get anybody about the new launch and the upcoming activities. Including me!

I wish Giri and his Magic Space all the magical success it deserves, and more…