Bangalore–better known as the silicon valley of India–is on the verge of relaunching itself as a major tourism hub. The only hitch is that the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) and Karnataka Tourism department are to be made aware of this golden opportunity that lies ahead of them. Let me explain.

During the last few months whenever there has been rainfall in excess of 15 to 20 minutes, the next day’s newspapers have cried foul about the drainage problems that haunt the city. They have carried numerous photographs that show the streets of Bangalore submerged in rainwater (and of course, the drain water). While the authorities have been giving the attention this issue deserves–that’s why there’s been no action on this yet–they may soon decide to convert this shortcoming into a major marketing success story.

Bangalore is soon going to be relaunched as India’s answer to Venice (as soon as the authorities have finished reading this blog).

People from all over the world flock to the European city of Venice, to see the river flowing through the city. People take boat rides on the river, and do their siteseeing of this ancient town. But it is time for Venice to step aside, and let the city of Bangalore take its rightful place as the new numero uno tourist attraction.

So what if Venice has a river? We in Bangalore have the rainwater.

So what if Venice has a river flowing through the streets? Bangalore has the rainwater flowing into the houses!

And for once even Kerala will not be able to compete with Bangalore’s newfound tourism status. For although Kerala can hype on its backwaters, they are NO match for Bangalore’s very own drainwaters.

I mean imagine this. People will be able to take a boat ride right through the town. We will have row-in (akin to drive-in) restaurants, theatres, multiplexes, you-name-it. With the designs from the best of architect minds, you will be soon be able to row in through major commercial establishments on MG Road, Brigade Road, and Commercial Street, and do your window shoppings. For those of you who insist on buying clothes only after trying it on, there would be special docking stations provided in the first floor of all these shops. Yes! You better believe it.

And all those still complaining about the traffic problem in Bangalore: Stop it! Don’t you know that’s going to be an old story? With the Venicization of Bangalore, the traffic problem will be automatically solved. You can step out of your office and step right in onto BMTC’s new motor boats; These will transport you all over town and drop you right into the drawing rooms of your houses.

And of course, there’s nothing to stop those of you who want to drive to office yourself: You can pick up any of the latest speed boats for yourself. Just log on to the Internet for the best deals on the latest models.

Speaking of the Internet, neither Venice nor Kerala can ever hope to match Bangalore’s USP: Not only can you use your laptops on the boats, but the various WiFi zones that are going to encompass the city will enable you to remain logged on to the cyberworld!

Not to forget, the pollution levels currently hogging the limelight in Bangalore will automatically come under control. In fact, pollution will be a thing of the past.

All in all, this is going to be a win-win situation for one and all. So start looking forward to it.

For starters, sell your car (while somebody still wants to buy it) and buy a boat (before the market realises the potential and increases the rates)!



  1. looks like you are flooded with creative thoughts

    1. Well, I have been away from the blog a little too long, haven’t I?

      Thought I had to write in something worthy of getting you all to start reading it again 😉


  2. NL

    Not to forget our new upcoming competitor in this quest – New Orleans!

    1. Re: NL

      Interesting thought that. But then, they did rceive some heavy duty rains…

      Here all it requires is 10 minutes of rain… And the city comes to a standstill… So no comparison really! But may be they would like to still try and compete… 🙂


      1. Re: NL

        The Bush government is trying really really hard to make US a third world country!

        1. Re: NL

          Here’s just one photo from what happened to Bangalore after 120mm of rain this Sunday…

          Can you see the Venice in the making?


          1. Re: NL

            This is closer to NL than Venice 😉

  3. Good One

    Hi Nakul,

    I finally managed to find time to read ur article. Really good imagination. You forgot just one point. With Motor boats, would you still have to hurry every morning to catch the company bus???


    1. Re: Good One

      Company motor boats, you mean?
      Well Bhavesh, some things never change… 🙂


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