Bangalore to have a Magic Space…

After months of dedicated effort, The Magic Space is finally ready, and all set to be launched. This Sunday (May 25) will see Bangalore have The Magic Space, when it is inaugurated at 10AM.

With The Magic Space, Bangalore & of course India potentially have a hotspot for magicians from all over India & the world to drop in to — to meet and discuss the nuances of the art of misdirection.

I congratulate my friend Giridhar Kamath for fulfilling my and many a magician’s dream of having a perfect place to get together, and discuss magic. Thanks Giri — for ONLY you could have done this. I wish you all the success with this latest venture.

More details on what’s expected on May 25 and thereafter can be read at my Magical Musings blog.

I welcome you to The Magic Space …where spells are cast!