If we are wondering what would be the “OFFICIAL” version of the International Crusade (a.k.a Festival of Blessing, a.k.a Praying for India) event held at Bangalore by Benny Hinn, a report has been posted at BennyHinn.org.

Remember that this is the Benny Hinn Ministry’s Official Report. Do take it with a pinch of soap… Errr, I mean salt!

Do drop in to the actual webpage to see the (non)enthusiasm of the people at the event.Really, If these were the best of the photos, I would LOVE to see the others!

I have copy-pasted the text in its entirety from the report here…

The first service of the greatly anticipated Festival of Blessings in Bangalore, India, began just a few hours ago. The crowds began arriving at the Jakkur Airport Grounds early on Friday morning for the evening service. This huge complex, covering 215 acres of land, had been prepared for a massive gathering through months of diligent efforts by the Festival of Blessings Event Committee, Benny Hinn Ministries staff, and more than 25,000 volunteers. When work began in August of 2004, much of the area was covered by weeds and grass reaching four feet high. But when hundreds of thousands of people began entering the grounds in a river of humanity that flowed for hours down the roads of Bangalore, they found an immaculately manicured field that had been cleared, leveled, and set up in such a way that each person would have the opportunity to experience the presence and power of God intimately and personally.

To facilitate this experience, more than 60 large video screens were constructed so that no matter where a person was seated—whether in the 300,000 chairs that had been brought in from all over the country or on the ground where carpeting had been securely placed—they had a virtual front row seat to view the images transmitted by the eight video cameras manned by the ministry’s television crew. The newest technology was in place to insure that the sound and video signals were perfectly in sync for each screen, regardless of the distance from the stage. Thousands of lights and audio speakers were precisely placed so that the music and ministry originating on the platform would be shared and embraced by all who entered the area.

When the service began shortly after dark, official estimates placed the number of people who had already found their place in the vast area at more than 1.5 million. As the 2,100-voice choir began to minister, the people kept streaming into the area, and by the time the service was less than an hour old, more than 2 million were lifting their hands and praising God.

After a time of worship, with tears streaming down the faces of many in attendance as the presence of the Holy Spirit began to fall, Benny Hinn declared his love for the people and the nation of India. To honor this great country and the many government leaders who were in attendance, Pastor Benny introduced a special video presentation of the Indian National Anthem. Later in the service, he declared that he had come to India to give of himself and the ministry and that no offering would be taken because partners and friends from around the world were paying for the expenses of the entire event.

After special music from the massive choir led by Jim Cernero and anointed songs from Steve Brock, Sue Dodge, and well-know Indian actor and singer, Vijay Benedict, Benny Hinn preached a message on the healing compassion of Jesus Christ. In great detail he described forty-eight hours of our Lord’s life in which Jesus encountered a steady stream of people in need of healing and deliverance, and everyone of those people received their miracle. With their faith at a high level, those in attendance reached out to Jesus, and miracles began happening all over the audience. Many were able to make their way to the platform to testify of blind eyes that were opened, deaf ears that could now hear, broken bodies that were now made whole, and a variety of physical infirmities that suddenly disappeared when the power of God touched their lives.

The life-changing power of Jesus Christ impacted many hundreds of thousands of lives on this special evening, and anticipation is high for an even greater move of God on Saturday and Sunday. Crowds are expected to increase substantially as word of this service spreads throughout the city.

As accessed from BennyHinn.org.

Propaganda at its very best! 🙂


  1. Hmm …

    This is nothing compared to attention and media coverage that Hinduism gets on all news channels … thanks to the “Two seers from Kanchi”! 😉

    1. Indeed.

      Like they say in advertising and public relations:
      Publicity good or bad is good publicity.


  2. As an American, I’m sorry such [mostly Christian] missionary movements, particularly ones so corrupt as Benny Hinn’s, are entering your nation. It’s sad that they offer help and aid, if they do at all, with the selfish purpose of converting others to their cause, movement, and and/or religion, without much of any cultural respect. If such a Hindu missionary movement came to America to, in harsh word, ‘convert the heathens, savages’, these Hindus- or whichever other religion- would be sought to be crushed, either forecfully (to an extreme) or with such a solid rebuke, so it’s understandable for those to be in contempt over Benny Hinn.

    Anyway, what I’m getting at is, it’s a shame that many religions view their religion as ‘the One, the True’ and must ‘civilize’ those who are in a lesser position to their point of view, with either a promised and fulfilled bait… or one that seeks to explot, as Benny Hinn, for instance, may do.

    Lastly, they know not what they do (as some Christians or Americans might say), while knowing what they do. It’s a sad contradiction in terms.

    And Benny Hinn Ministries sound like a rock star outfit. They’ve taken [mostly] free-thinking big rock star bands, such as U2, and used their methods for their own purposes.

    Sad sad sad. This is why I’m an agnostic in search of my own faith, for I cannot support such a monotheistic and ‘righteous’ religion. I can TRY to respect its morals, but I cannot when my reformed and sometimes different morals contradict to a certain degree.

    And I digress…

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