George Monbiot in the Guardian writes: “The only way to bring down Blair and change the political context is to take direct action

So now what happens? Our prime minister is up to his neck in it. His attorney general appears to have changed his advice about the legality of the war a few days before it began. Blair refuses to release either version, apparently for fear that he will be exposed as a liar and a war criminal. His government seems to have been complicit in the illegal bugging of friendly foreign powers and the United Nations. It went to war on the grounds of a threat which was both imaginary and known to be imaginary. Now the opposition has withdrawn from his fake inquiry. Seldom has a prime minister been so exposed and remained in office. Surely Blair will fall?

Not by himself, he won’t. If we have learned anything about him over the past few months, it’s that he would rather stroll naked round Parliament Square than resign before he has to. The press has a short attention span, Iraq is a long way away and the opposition is listless and unpopular. He has everything to gain by sweating it out. […]


  1. This is a good article – its amazing how many similarities there are between the poor governance of India and Britan. We can easily adopt the same advice for India with very little modification.

    Only, if we start protesting against Laloo in Bihar, he would have everyone shot down and massacred! I suppose it’ll be the same with Jayalalitha.

    1. Glad you found the link interesting.

      But I have to disagree with the repercussions you mention of opposing Laloo / Jayalalitha… Indian democracy has not yet deteriorated so bad, that people will be shot and massacred for opposing…

      And we are not fooling our people just to bomb other countries too 😉

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