Driven by a Perennial Need to be Fooled

ARE WE DRIVEN BY A NEED TO BE FOOLED? A LOOK AT THE INTRINSIC NEED AMONG PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN THE MAKE-BELIEF. Over the years, one question repeatedly pops up in my mind: “Do we have a perennial need to

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Derek & Helder: The New Gurus of Magic

This is a festive time for more than one occasion, and for me there is a magical reason to be most happy. Two close friends of mine have been adjudged the Best Magicians for the year at the Magic Castle,

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Management Grad Refuses Foreign Job Offer

BANGALORE, MARCH 1: At a time when most are vying to find a plush job abroad, an management graduate refused to accept the one crore job offer he got from a US based company. This left the company and industry

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A Snake Oil Is But A Snake Oil

A Quick Context: The dubious claims of the Tri-Vortex Technology powered Tiranga Bangle was originally raised and spoken about here via Bangles or Snake Oil: What will you wear? and via two more news articles I wrote for Mid Day

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The Cure To All Ills Is In Wearing A Bangle

The cure to all ills is in wearing a bangle! At least that is what industrialist and Member of Parliament Naveen Jindal appears to be suggesting. At an event held earlier this week, Jindal via his Flag Foundation launched “Tiranga”

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A Tiranga That Can Heal All

There I was on Republic Day looking around the internet for something patriotic to wear in addition to the flag pin I sport most of the time. Pitted somewhere on the continuum between a patriot and a zealot by most

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Advertising The Nakul Shenoy Experience

After long last, we decided to create some adverts that reflect the spirit of Beyond Magic and The Nakul Shenoy Experience. These would be sent out via various modes to our contact base and also used as pure advertisement in

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James Randi Mesmerises Bangalore

The first week of November (2012) turned magical for Bangalore with the rather unexpected visit of James Randi – the world famous skeptic, thinker, magician and debunker of fake psychics. Randi who was on his maiden visit to India as

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And We Are Live, Again!

We shifted over to a new web host due to continued and sustained issues with our earlier web host. This process took some time, and finally concluded today. In the process of moving servers, we made the best of the

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Bangles Or Snake Oil: What Will You Wear?

The launch of a new “Tirangaa” bangle caught my eyes especially since it was a Naveen Jindal initiative. After all, this was the man who famously won us the right to fly the national flag at our homes and offices!

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