Filling our Planet with Magic

As a student of communication, one of the first things you learn is the importance of context: where and when something happened defines the meaning of the event itself. Soon enough, one realises that context is everything. What was said

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The Science of Magic

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” One cannot delve on the topic of magic and science without quoting this immortal line by Arthur C Clarke – a simple statement that is layered with many meanings. At the basic,

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Make Magic! Vanish That Stage Fright.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was dressed in a stylish dhoti, adorned with a hand-crafted golden crown, armed with a puny yet beautiful bow and arrow – all making the complete package of Lord Ram. I cried

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Close Your Eyes! There Is No Crime.

Bangalore made global news as the IT hub of the India. It made headlines when it got added into business vocabulary via Bangalored being included as a word in the dictionary. Now Bangalore seems to be vying for another crown

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Murdering Scientific Thinking

That a man was shot dead in broad daylight in a busy area in Pune is scary. That the motive for this cold-blooded murder was to prevent that man from promoting scientific thinking among his people is outright mind-numbing. What

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An App with No User in Mind – MEA India


Two days back, the announcement of a new one-stop-app for Android and iOS devices from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) caught my attention. The media reports portrayed it as the answer to all passport woes and the first app

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Driven by a Perennial Need to be Fooled

ARE WE DRIVEN BY A NEED TO BE FOOLED? A LOOK AT THE INTRINSIC NEED AMONG PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IN THE MAKE-BELIEF. Over the years, one question repeatedly pops up in my mind: “Do we have a perennial need to

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Derek & Helder: The New Gurus of Magic

This is a festive time for more than one occasion, and for me there is a magical reason to be most happy. Two close friends of mine have been adjudged the Best Magicians for the year at the Magic Castle,

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With No Fear Of Punitive Action, Lawlessness Rules

With each passing day, we read and hear of an ever-increasing crime rate in the country. From smaller thefts of chain snatching and robbery to large-scale financial and corporate crime, from horrifying kidnappings to inhuman and brutal rape, India looks

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Securing Our Airports Against Terror

Watching the news reports in the aftermath of the Hyderabad blasts, I learnt last night that the nation was now on “high alert” against plausible additional terror attacks. And I could not help but wonder what this entailed and how

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