Recently, I was approached by Bangalore Mirror to present my perspective on how the books they read influence/make the person.

I decided to take a tongue-in-cheek look at it, continuing my recent thought of looking for “Birth Books” — an act where I try to find out if a person’s birthday could have a connection to a random book that I have assigned to each day of the year.

Do read the nice article written up by Jayanthi Madhukar of the  Bangalore Mirror  including my perspectives along with that of a clinical psychologist Dr Veena Chakravarthy to explain ‘What book type are you?’

Meanwhile, I am sharing with you my original thoughts as I penned them on what I like to call Book-Signs: Deriving Person Types from the Books one Reads.

Imagine walking to an astrologer, fortune teller, or a psychic and being asked: Which of the following is your favourite or most read genre in books?Your personality reading is based on the genre of books that forms the majority of your readings.

So which one is it?

Autobiographies: You firmly believe that history repeats itself. Even if not, history presents the best life lessons. You aim to lead an exemplary life emulating the high-morals of your heroes, and avoiding their mistakes.

Encyclopaedias: You were a quiz-whiz at school and a budding quizmaster at college. Given a chance you’d have made that a career, but today are proud to be the ‘know-it-all’ in your social circle.

Mystery Novels: Life is all about having fun and living it to the fullest. You believe you are the adventurous type, and often think back fondly to those two treks you did a decade back.

Conspiracy Theories: You seldom believe anything unless you have proven it to yourself. In most cases this is achieved by reading at least 3 books on the topic, even if they offer the same perspective.

Non-Fiction: You take life a tad too seriously. There is more than enough things to learn and talk about the real world, to make time for the make-believe. You have also signed your support for most online petitions.

Chetan Bhagat: You live life per your wants, whims and fancies. What others think or say does not hold water, unless that matches what you want. After all, you know better than all else.

Self-Help: This is not the first of these books you have read, nor is it the last. Reading these is a journey of sorts, and an end-all in itself. The knowledge is used to play agony aunt, to guide and advice anybody you cross paths with.

PG Wodehouse: Language is sacrosanct, good reading makes a man, and there is nothing rummier than the colonial times. You are mostly (over)dressed for the occasion, and your text messages would make Wren & Martin proud.

Fantasy: You have experienced at least one paranormal occurrence and believe there is more to life than science can explain today. Despite this belief, you will trust an event only if you witness it yourself.

Romantic: The make believe fascinates you, and that describes your image of the ideal romance. Emotions tend to get the better of you more than usual, yet you can be the strongest when you put your mind to it.

Hope you enjoyed this. At least in this case you can easily change your personality type by changing your reading habits. Give that a thought.

The next project is to write up the 2012 Predictions for these and more Book-Signs, a la Bejan Daruwala or Linda Goodman 😉


  1. What about people who buy all sort of books, read few pages/back page of each and tend to know most of the author… good in social circuit… can talk non stop on variety of topics…

  2. Can’t wait for your ‘Book Signs’ Predictions. And if I do buy the book, what personality does it make me? 😉

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