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Magic is about the ability to convince. It is about performance. You don’t fool your audience, you amaze and entertain them. Nakul Shenoy, mind reader and internationally successful magician, can teach you how.

Smart Course in Magic is a simple and effective off-the-shelf course that teaches the craft as it should be: focusing on the theory of performance and presentation. Whether you want to take up magic as a hobby or improve your skills as a professional performer, this is the book to set you on your way.


NAKUL SHENOY is the Mind Reader – an expert magician and hypnotist based in Bangalore, India. A speaker and entertainer on topics of communication and people behaviour, he travels the world addressing elite audiences drawn from top corporates.

Having taken to magic at the age of five, via his fascination for the comic book series ‘Mandrake the Magician’, Nakul performed his first public show at the age of fifteen. Twenty years on, he continues on his self-professed journey to be ‘a real-life Mandrake’.

A compulsive reader ‘on every topic under the sun and beyond’, he haunts Twitter as @nakulshenoy. You can also connect with him at

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“I believe Nakul’s book will be an ideal way to introduce young minds into the fine art of magic. May they create magic for everyone’s good.”

– Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Minister of State (I&B) – Govt. of India, Champion Shooter


“This book is aptly named: It is a course in magic, and it is smart. And if you are smart, you will study its pages and begin your journey toward becoming a magician.”

– Max Maven, Master Magician & Legend


“Not only is Nakul utterly charming, but his thinking is always wonderful.”

– Andy Nyman, Actor, Director & Magician


“It is hard to find the right introduction to magic, and I honestly do not know if there is a better one than this book.”

– Dr Peter Lamont, Author, Magician & Historian


“A brilliant little book that gets you doing serious tricks with serious speed to serious effect. I’ve read several magic guides. Nothing has worked or amused quite like Nakul’s book. Totally recommend it to everybody who wants to… <vanishes into thin air leaving a little pista macaroon behind>”

– Sidin Vadukut, Author & Columnist


“Smart Course in Magic is well written, carefully conceived and realized. A splendid job.”

– Stephen Minch, Author, Founder – Hermetic Press


“This book is for those who are planning to enter the wonderful world of magic… and also a reminder to the Magicians who in the journey of becoming performers, may have lost touch with the essence of magic.”

– Shankar Junior, Magician, Founder – Gili Gili Magic


“Even the most seasoned professionals need a little reminder from time to time. Remember that the most important thing isn’t that you are not a magician, it is the fact that you can be.”

– Michael Weber, Magician, Corporate Speaker & Consultant

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