I received the following message as a forward:

This one is absolutely amazing ! You just can’t believe it!

Go ahead……..and try this one !

Dashed across this website (http://subservientchicken.com/). There’s a video (no audio, so don’t worry if you don’t have headphones) display showing a man dressed as a chicken. Below it, there’s a textbox wherein you just type any instructions you want to give that chicken and he’ll do it right then and there for you to see on the video display. It is amazing I tell you.
Ididn’t believe my eyes when I saw it.
First I told the chicken to sit down, and you know the guy actually sat down on the sofa. I still thought they’d programmed a video that must’ve been pre-recorded but no; when I told the guy, “sit down on the floor”, he sat down on the floor. I said, “slap yourself” and he did. I said, “sing a song” and he sang. I said I’ll tell my friends, and bid him aduie. He waved his arms to say bye.

All I can add is check this out!

Burger King seems to have hit upon a unique marketing strategy, and employed numerous people to dress up as chickens and do your binding round the clock 24×7.

So remember that there is a human who is inside that costume, and trying to fulfil your wishes. So don’t try this out too much.

Just a statutory warning.



  1. I had posted about this long time back !! 🙂

    1. Yep! Guess the email forward took its time to reach me 😉

      And yes Harish, 21 days does indeed seem to be a ‘long time back’ in this internet world!


      PS: Do read up the more than interesting responses to Dhempe’s LJ post.

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