18 more votes solicited…

Can Kerry do it? Can he pull through and do the unthinkable?

Only time will tell. And if officials in Ohio are to be relied on, that could take 11 more days !!

Man! Television News channels will surely be one happy lot!


First Amendment: (Added at 16:42 IST)

Okay! Kerry has lost the election bid. Now the world has to wait another 4 years. Will anything come out of it? Again, will there be anything to wait for?

Thanks Vyoma for that explanation!


  1. The short answer is…. no. Kerry cannot win at this point unless he were to take more than 80% of the provisional ballots in Ohio. Statistically, if you look at the way the rest of the Ohio vote went, the probability of that occurring is almost too small to calculate. We’re talking about something on the order of >.05% chance. In terms of reality, it would mean that there would have to be in these voters a distinct connection between not knowing where there voting place was and the property of being a Kerry supporter; in other words, it would require that it was hundreds of times more likely that people who voted for Kerry couldn’t figure out the correct place to go and vote. If this sounds like an absurd assumption, that’s because it is an absurd assumption. It would be an extremely unlikely situation, and thus so is a Kerry win at this point. Likewise, Bush is almost certainly going to be declared the winner in New Mexico. Iowa is still too close too call. The only reason that the US media hasn’t declared Bush the winner in Ohio as of this moment is that they are being overly cautious due to their mistakes during the 2000 election.

    I expect that Kerry will concede the election by late this afternoon, US East Coast time.

    1. Vyoma,

      Short answer indeed! ­čśë

      Thanks. Now I do understand why everybody has been stating the obvious. Only till noiw I did not understand that that indeed was the obvious.

      Excuse me while I prepare the world around me for another 4 years under the all-mighty Bush!


      1. Errr… I forgot the words “try to” in the last line. That should read:
        “Excuse me while I try to prepare the world around me for another 4 years under the all-mighty Bush!”


      2. What’s worse in my eyes is what has happened in the US Legislature. The Democrats, who had one less seat in the Senate than the Republicans, have lost several seats… effectively removing any effective opposition to the ShrubCo agenda. America is now, for all practical purposes, a one-party state at the Federal level. Not only will Bush win the election, but there will be nothing to check his agenda in any other branch of the government.

        The Democratic party in the US is effectively finished for at least the next four years, and the argument can be made that it has become utterly irrelevant in terms of US policy for the much longer term. There is no opposition… not that Kerry himself represented a real opposition, but there just isn’t one at any national level anymore. The Democrats didn’t just lose the presidency, they were crushed across the board.

        1. Sad.

          What more can we say?

          We can of course ask a lot of questions…

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