Bushism and Saddam… (On the lines of “Zen and *** “)

`Ultimate Penalty’ — Excerpts From Primetime Interview With President Bush

President George W Bush explaining his reactions to the news of Saddam Hussein being captured:

[…] “It was the next morning when Ms. Rice called — that would be Condi Rice — 5:15 in the morning, saying, “It has been confirmed out of Baghdad that we have captured Saddam Hussein,” that I began to get this sense of joy for the Iraqi people and a sense of accomplishment for our troops ….

You know, my dad called me during this series of phone calls I was making to our allies and friends, and he said, “Congratulations, son.” I said, “Dad, this is a joyous moment for the Iraqi people.” […]

Dubya on the question of death penalty for Saddam:

“Well, I’m…let’s just see what penalty he gets. But I — I think he ought to receive the ultimate penalty and — for what he has done to his people. I mean, he is a torturer, a murderer, and they had rape rooms, and this is — this is a disgusting tyrant who deserves justice, the ultimate justice. But that will be decided not by the president of the United States but by the citizens of Iraq in one form or another.”

Moving on to the questions of sedating the former president of Iraq, and his (non)torture:

SAWYER: Would you like to see him?

PRESIDENT BUSH: No. I don’t care to see him.

SAWYER: Never?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I have no — I’ve seen him. I’ve seen enough of him. I saw him getting deloused and after having been pulled out a rat hole.

SAWYER: His daughter has said that those photos were disrespectful and humiliating to him, but he also seemed sedated, by the way.


SAWYER: Was he sedated? And was it designed to humiliate him?

PRESIDENT BUSH: No, I don’t — first of all, I don’t know if he was sedated or not. I mean, that’s a question you’d ask the folks in the field. Secondly, it was designed to reflect the truth and to show — and to show the world that this barbaric person was found in a hole, hiding, cowering, that — it’s also interesting that he’s going to receive the justice that he never gave others. And it’s — it’s a dramatic moment. And I can understand a daughter being concerned about her dad. I mean, presumably somewhere in this hard, barbaric heart there was some love for his child. And — but he showed no love for the Iraqi people, particularly those that dared express an opinion other than his. …

SAWYER: Two little questions I’m just afraid I’ll forget. One of the members of one of the congressional intelligence committees said this morning that it would be perfectly all right on Saddam Hussein to use some of the measures — not torture, but sleep deprivation, cold, some of the things that can be induced to make him uncomfortable. Do you endorse this?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I have no idea what — how they’re going to interrogate. I do know that this country doesn’t torture.

SAWYER: And it’s all right if they use the other means?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I have no idea what they’re going to do, but we do not torture. […]

For full transcript of the chat between Diane Sawyer & George Dubya Bush visit the ABCNews site…