Well, as I have not really been posting much at the LJ, I decided to start posting some of the daily updates, to get back into the habit of typing in my thoughts…

Today evening I am attending the play ‘When the Pythons followed the Actor’ at Ranga Shankara. This English comedy play is supposed to be an aptation of Christopher Durang’s ‘The Actor’s Nightmare’. More details on the play are at http://www.vodo.blogspot.com/.

Now let me see if I can get myself to type in a review… Only time will tell.



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  1. A reviewer runs after the pythons!

    The Actor’s Nightmare and the three Monty Python plays were staged highly professionally. The lead actors playing their parts in an accomplished way, living their stage characters to finesse.
    This is the first play I have seen of this troupe, and must say I found them quite promising.
    A personal highpoint for me was the performance of Malati Nayak, who played the lead actress, and happens to be a cousin of mine. Close acquaintance set aside, I sincerely feel she hold immense promise, especially with reference to the way she portrayed a french woman. The stereotyped accent was just perfect!
    Director Krishna must be commended for a good casting, and decent direction.
    But all was not rosy. Personally, the song-dance they ended the performance with did not go well with me. There was something about it that made me eerie… though I am as yet unable to place my finger on it.
    And if I have ever known an audience’s pulse, I would say that it was this song-dance that negated a possible standing ovation. A pity coz the rest of the evening was simply stunning.
    I now look forward to their next outing.

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