Comedy Magic prevails at The Magic Space

BANGALORE, JUNE 13: Pravin Tulpule a.k.a. Mysto Pintoconducted the first Expert Magic Session at The Magic Space on Saturday, June 7, 2008. The 25-seat session played to a full-house, with magicians from Bangalore, Mysore, and other nearby areas attending this interesting session on Clowning and Comedy Magic.

Appearing in the guise of an auguste clown, Mysto Pinto shared some of the basic aspects of clowning, and fielded questions on the topic from the gathered audience.

The session itself was more focussed on using comedy in magic, and Pinto explained that quite well by sharing his personal pet presentations. Many of these were about the varying kind of gags and puns that play well for child and adult audiences.

Pick a card (that promptly jumped out to be picked!), the flying rubber chicken (that picks the selected card along with some other things!), The Vanishing Onion (Did it finally vanish?!), The tear and restored (almost!) newspaper, were some of the memorable and rib-tickling effects performed and elucidated upon by Mysto Pinto.

The evening began with Prahlad Acharya welcoming the gathering and introducing the session, and concluded with a vote of thanks byNakul Shenoy, and a home-cooked dinner that was relished by all the participants.

Each session conducted at The Magic Space is rated based on audience feedback, and this being the first Expert Magic Session was no different!

Overall, the Comedy Magic Session was rated at 3.76 (out of 5) by the participants, and it’s usefulness was rated at 3.57. While 100 per cent of the participants said they would recommend The Magic Space-run Expert Magic Sessions to their magician friends, the participants’ liking of the session was rated at 96.19 per cent.

Knowing that up to 97.14 per cent of the participants say that would like to come back to The Magic Space to attend future sessions, it is safe to conclude that the Comedy Magic session by Mysto Pinto was well-liked and appreciated by those that attended it.

Mysto Pinto alias Fooling You will be conducting a full-dayMaster Class on Clowning, which would include detailed understanding of different types of clowns, including the White Face,Auguste, and Character clowns.

The Master Class Session is strictly restricted to 15 participants, and will be run as a hands-on training in clown make-up and clowning per se.

For more details, contact The Magic Space.