Creating magical moments…

A journalist recently asked me the age-old question: “What is Magic?”

Without batting an eyelid, I replied: “Something that creates wonder!”

And thoughts raced through my mind… Thoughts I had not listened to before.

When you witness a Hariprasad Chaurasia or a Zakir Hussain perform, you are so wonderfully impressed, and can only say, “It was magical”!

The maestros create magic with their music. They create a wonderful and mystifying feeling that touches one and all, and leave us in a state of enchantment, of magic.

And then there is this field we are associated with – called Magic. Most of us perform magic, only because that is the name: like music.

But as the maestros take Music to the level of Magic, shouldn’t we who call our craft by that name, try to make our performances wonderful, mystifying and of course enchanting; in another word, Magical?

Should we not aspire to take our craft and its performance to the levels of Magic?

Should we not be looking at creating a magical moment for our audience each time we are performing something?

Should we not be touching our audiences’ lives and minds in a way, that they remember being entertained by us for the rest of their life?

PS: This article originally appeared in the June 2008 issue of the VMN.