Defining Your Success: One Step at a Time

Time flies. And how!  We know this, yet each time a new year comes by, before we are done with the greetings, the first month has whooshed by and we are already in February! And so here we are, preparing for the media blitz that will surround Valentines Day.

And soon enough, before we know it, we will be in December speaking about heralding in another new year, looking back and wishing this year could have been different.

Clearly, this year can be different, and only we can make it so. For starters set an aim for everything – especially for reading books. After having read ~26 books in 2014, I set myself a reading challenge of 100 books for 2015. And know what? In barely a month, I realised I have already read 15!

So set yourself the target – for reading, and for everything else, and move one step at a time to achieve that. In Habit Stacking, SJ Scott speaks about making or breaking habits by just following a regular simple regimen – that of spending one minute doing the activity.

My secret to have read 15 books in ~40 days is simple: I ensure I read at least one sentence every day before retiring for the night. And the good part is, one never stops at one. Indeed, it is okay if you stop at one, for that is your aim for the day – to read one line of text, but before you know it you would have started racing towards achieving the real target.

The same rule applies to all chores, only that we have to attack the most unappetising and seen-to-be-difficult job the first. As Brian Tracy says in Eat That Frog, it is important to grab the biggest dirtiest frog and eat it – even if one bite at a time.

So set yourself the target – for reading and for everything else important to you, and move one step at a time to achieve that.