Derren Brown as a Messiah!

Derren to play Messiah


TELLY trickster Derren Brown is trying to convince American religious leaders that he is the Messiah.

The controversial illusionist is putting his powers to the test for a new series to be broadcast on Channel 4 next year.

In the show, called Messiah, Derren looks at a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs. [more …]

Reproduced from the Sun Magazine Online – Bizzarre Online.

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Interesting that!

I for one would be more than keen to know how people react to this act by Derren Brown.

Is this going to expose the delusions of these new age movements, or is it only going to contribute to Derren’s publicity needs…? This is a question that I would love answered.

Again, as Derren is a mentalist and psychic entertainer, his stating that “I allow them to decide how much they are going to endorse it and embrace it. If at any point they ask me if this is some sort of trick, I will confess and tell them,” to me gathers more importance.

He will admit that what he does is a “trick” and not so much aspects of non-verbal communication, et al? Does that not undermine the effect as presented in mentalism?

Again, is this ONLY because what he would be demonstrating are effects used by the new age gurus and other “psychics” and not so much by mentalists and psychic entertainers… especially DerrenBrown himself?