At ZNet Commentary, Doug Ireland writes:

John Kerry has definitively lost the popular vote by some three and a half million votes. That makes an all-out lawyers’ war in Ohio devoid of moral force (and I doubt that in the end there’ll be one).

Kerry ran a tactical campaign, devoid of vision or explicable alternatives, utterly lacking in message discipline, and riddled with misjudgments–it was one of the most incompetently run presidential campaigns by a Democrat in my lifetime. In addition, the voters just didn’t like the rich stiff–and, as I’ve often observed, Americans don’t want a president thay can’t like. (In the exit polls, 76% said the one candidate quality which mattered most in how they voted for president was “he cares about people like me,” which is the way pollsters determine likeability). […]

Also available at Doug’s blog Direland.

Can the Democrats do better FOUR years on…?

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  1. Can the Democrats do better FOUR years on…?

    I hope Hillary gets in the White House after 4 year.

    Wonder, what Bill will do in the White House while Hillary is busy managing the country? 😉

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