“Secrets of the Psychics: Revealed” was telecast by Star World on Saturday. They claim that it is an expose of Psychics and godmen…

Sadly, this was nothing more than an expose of methods employed by magicians to entertain people, esp. within the genre of Mentalism.

Well, considering that the producers are the same as that of the Masked Magician series… That shouldn’t be a surprise… Just a shameful fact.



  1. Are you angry because they revealed the methods of magicians, or because they didn’t really debunk psychics like they set out to?
    Incidentally, what do you think about psychics?

    1. Hi,

      Would you believe it if I said Both? Well you have to, coz that’s the truth.

      Having been a magician for the better part of my life, I hate it when the secrets of magic are betrayed on the guise of education.

      While I wouldn’t feel so bad when, and if, it was done to expose the workings of so-called psychics and god-men, as Rationalists often do in India…

      But in this case, it is evident that it was not so… Especially since the effects exposed were more from the repertoire of professional entertainers, than any (pseudo)psychic.

      As regarding psychics in general… Well, it all depends on what you would think if you see me bend a spoon or read a mind 😉

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