Nakul Shenoy’s Entertaining Act on Magic of Social Media

By Monica S.

JULY 3, 2015.


Nakul Shenoy entertaining at Social Conclave, Bangalore 2015
Nakul Shenoy entertaining at Social Conclave, Bangalore 2015


Nakul Shenoy’s event was strategically moved to after lunch and it worked! Though Nakul shared some of his insights on social media, and his own life journey that started with, the fact that he’s a magician, hypnotist and mind reader pretty much led our expectations.

He had us mesmerized (and freaked out per Manasi) with his mind games – he actually guessed a random word a guy picked up from a random book on a random page! He was able to come up with the name of a place one guy wrote down on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope! We were stupefied and more than just impressed! Hat’s off to you, Nakul!

One thing he said about brand presence on social stays with me: Whether you are there or not, others are going to talk about you.

Here is an Audio Interview with Nakul Shenoy: Social with The Mind Reader, Omni Channel Consultant & Professor


Reproduced from Social Media Day 2015, Bangalore – My Experience and Takeaways by Monica S (July 3, 2015)

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