Faith healing not permissible: Allahabad HC
February 10, 2005

The Allahabad high court has ruled that no person or organisation can claim constitutional validity for “faith healing” citing the right to freedom of religion and right to protection of life.

Justice Sunil Ambawani, while making the observation, said that both the rights are distinct from each and other and do not overlap.

He also said that right to protection of life, which also entails the right to medical treatment, is regulated by a specific legislation and hence nobody can claim the right to cure people through the power of faith as a fundamental right.

The order was on a complaint filed by one Santosh Saxena, a resident of the city, who had alleged that one Ajay Pratap Singh, who had set up an organisation called the Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Seva Samiti, was offering faith healing for a fee of Rs 30.

The court restrained Singh and the organisation from holding faith healing congregations.


Yippee! A landmark judgement that.

The Coimbatore court had ruled a smilar judgement in the recent past, which prevents any Faith Healing sessions to be held in the public space in Coimbatore.

How I wish the Supreme Court of India passed such a judgement (suo moto?) … coz expecting the legislators to pass such an ordinance is too much to ask.

I salute you, High Court of Allahabad!

I am still looking forward to the judgement by the Karnataka High Court on the Benny Hinn issue. Benny Hinn is long gone… But at least we can look forward to prevent further fooling of the gullibles.


PS: I trust the “faith healer” being a Hindu has nothing to do with it… After all, equality before law is a fundamental right under the Indian constitution too…