Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a detailed FAQs section that answers most of the questions that we have been asked and some that we think should be asked.

If you have a question about The Mind Reader Nakul Shenoy or The Nakul Shenoy Experience it should mostly be answered here. On the other hand, you can always reach us via Contact Us >>

Hello! We Need A …

We need a Mind Reader! Are you a mind reader?
We need a Mentalist! Are you a mentalist?
We need a Magician. Are you a magician?
We need an Illusionist! Are you an illusionist?
We need Interactive Magic! Is your show interactive?
We need Walk-around Magic! Do you do walk around magic?
We need [classy-sounding-magic-title]! Are you a [classy-sounding-magic-title]?

A Mind Reader… How Does That Work?

You are The Mind Reader? What does that mean?
What exactly do you do as The Mind Reader?
How do you read minds? Do you have powers?
What will you read from the minds of the audience?
Where can we watch your performance footage?

Getting Specific About The Show

What is the ideal audience size for your show?
How long is your show? Is it always of a fixed duration?
Do you have a preferred duration for your show?
How many acts do you perform in a show?
What are the acts that you perform in a show?
Great! So what acts will you perform in our show?

Clientele, Type Of Events, Show/Talk?

Who (or what kind of clients) engage your services?
What type of events do you perform &/or speak at?
What kind of performance slots can we engage you?
What is the difference between a show and a talk?
Can we have a mixture of a show and a talk?

What Exactly Are You Gonna Do?

What kind of jokes / humour do you bring in your shows?
Will any of our guests be embarrassed during your show?
Can you tell us the items you will perform in your show?
Can you send us the script of your show?
This is for our top management/clients/CXOs. We need to know exactly what you will do.

Professional Fees, Discounts, Et Al.

How much do you charge for an event?
We have multiple events. Can we get a bulk discount?
We are an event management company. Do we get an agency commission?
We are a non-profit organisation. Can we get your show free?
We are a voluntary organisation. Can we get your show free?
We are an educational institution. Can we get your show free?
We may not have the budget required. Are any discounts possible?

What Do You Need From Us?

What are your travel requirements?
What are your accommodation requirements?
What are your technical requirements?
What are the hidden clauses? Any surprises?
Is there anything else that we need to know about?

Do you still have questions for us? We will be glad to help.
You can reach us via Contact Us >>

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