Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a detailed FAQs section that answers most of the questions that we have been asked and some that we think should be asked.

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Hello! We Need A …

We need a Mind Reader! Are you a mind reader?
Yes! Nakul Shenoy has been billed as The Mind Reader since 2004 and presents a unique psychic entertainment show where he reads minds, projects thoughts, and influences people behaviour. Combining his expertise in Magic, Hypnotism, and Communication, Nakul makes a rather believable Mind Reader and entertains his audiences like few can.
We need a Mentalist! Are you a mentalist?
Yes! Nakul Shenoy is a mentalist, and one of the very best. Armed with a Master of Science degree in Communication, he is an expert magician and hypnotist, a Ux researcher, an author, and a keen student of behavioural psychology and human memory; Nakul combines his expertise in these diverse but interconnected disciplines to play The Mind Reader on stage and brings to life what most only imagine to be the traits and skills of a mentalist.
We need a Magician. Are you a magician?
Yes! Nakul Shenoy is a magician, but he is not the type that pull rabbits out of hats or cut women in half. He is a magician that reads minds!

A magical entertainer for two decades, Nakul Shenoy is best known as The Mind Reader and is a top corporate entertainer and speaker. Most of his acts revolve around the central theme of reading minds, projecting thoughts, and influencing people behaviour. Feel free to get in touch with us with your event details/requirements, and we will advice you to the suitability of booking The Nakul Shenoy Experience.

We need an Illusionist! Are you an illusionist?
The answer depends entirely on what the word illusionist means to you. To magicians, Illusions are the effects that utilise people, livestock, or large objects in performance, e.g. cutting a person in half, vanishing / producing a car, or levitating people. Nakul Shenoy does not perform illusion magic in his current shows.

On the other hand, to some non-magicians the word Illusionist has evolved to mean a person who takes stage with the minimum of props, and engages people in an entertaining way, while performing the most mystifying magic effects involving audience participation. This is exactly what Nakul Shenoy does, and in an amazing way.

We need Interactive Magic! Is your show interactive?
The Nakul Shenoy Experience is an amazingly interactive show where Nakul engages the audience in various acts of mind reading, each more amazing that the last. Since most of what Nakul Shenoy performs is involving the human mind, the involvement of audience is paramount to the show, and heightens the interactivity of the same.
We need Walk-around Magic! Do you do walk around magic?
The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a stage based act, that enthrals the audience and engages them in ways few other shows can. While Nakul does sometimes walk into the audience to interact or involve the people in diverse ways, the show is not a walk-around show. We need the audience to be seated – banquet or theatre style, and the show on most occasions plays from the stage.
We need [classy-sounding-magic-title]! Are you a [classy-sounding-magic-title]?
This is showbiz and classy-sounding titles projecting a unique persona / show come dime a dozen. Sadly, the creative titles do not quite guarantee an impactful show. If a {classy-sounding-magic-title} has piqued your interest, do write in to us to double-check what it means and find out if The Nakul Shenoy Experience is in the same genre.

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a sought-after stage-based corporate show, where Nakul Shenoy plays The Mind Reader, entertaining and engaging the audience with his mind reading acts, leaving them with a never-to-forget experience.

A Mind Reader… How Does That Work?

You are The Mind Reader? What does that mean?
Nakul Shenoy is The Mind Reader, and during his corporate shows transforms into a magical entertainer who can read minds, project thoughts and influence people behaviour. A mentalist, Nakul combines his expertise in magic, hypnotism, and communication, to present an amazing never-to-forget experience that touches the hearts and minds of the participants.
What exactly do you do as The Mind Reader?
Nakul Shenoy plays to his imagination inspired by Mandrake The Magician and presents an amazingly entertaining show best described as The Mind Reader. Using his skills honed over the years in the fields of magic, hypnotism, and communication, he transforms into a real-life mentalist and reads minds, projects thoughts, predicts events, and influences people behaviour with ease.
How do you read minds? Do you have powers?
Much as Nakul Shenoy assures us that has no paranormal, yogic, or supernatural powers, his amazing unbelievable feats of mind-reading suggest exactly the opposite. This is because Nakul combines his rich diverse expertise in the varied but interconnected fields of magic, hypnotism, communication, user experience, behavioural psychology and human memory, to create a stage persona of a mentalist. Truly, he can only be best described as The Mind Reader.
What will you read from the minds of the audience?
Nakul Shenoy likes to state that he has no powers to get into somebody’s mind and pull thoughts out, even as he spends most of his stage time doing exactly that. The acts are well-planned entertaining engagements with random but willing members of the audience, where Nakul reads minds, projects thoughts, predicts events, and influences people behaviour with ease.
Where can we watch your performance footage?
Nakul Shenoy believes in creating amazing, life-influencing experiences for his audiences and is averse to post his recent corporate performances online. There are enough and more corporate leaders willing to put in a personal word about the never-to-forget experience they had witnessing a Nakul Shenoy performance. However, a few college circuit talks and some performance clips can be seen at our Videos Page.

Getting Specific About The Show

What is the ideal audience size for your show?
Nakul Shenoy constantly engages and amazes diverse audiences, be it small groups of 20-50 people, mid-sized gatherings of 150-500 people, or large conventions of 1200 – 2000 people, even mega-gatherings of over 5,000 people! Nakul is a master at changing and adapting his show to best fit the number of people and the context / situation. Feel free to write in to us with specific details about your event, to enable us to advise you to the suitability of booking The Nakul Shenoy Experience.
How long is your show? Is it always of a fixed duration?
The duration of Nakul Shenoy’s show is dependent on the specific requirements of your event and can be custom designed accordingly. However, since a majority of corporate events look for a 45-minute performance/speaking slot, The Nakul Shenoy Experience is by default a 45-minute stage-based interactive, magical engagement. This duration can be easily reduced or extended based on the event requirement, on prior discussion and agreement.
Do you have a preferred duration for your show?
Nakul Shenoy performs as per the needs of his audience, thereby presenting a unique experience to them each time. Thus, the duration of the show can be exactly what the situation demands – based on prior discussion and agreement. That said, Nakul Shenoy believes that he needs at least 15 minutes on stage to do his engagement justice, and prefers the 45-minute slot to make the maximum impression.
How many acts do you perform in a show?
Nakul Shenoy believes in crafting unforgettable, unique experiences for his audiences, and he achieves this via a rich blend of storytelling, knowledge sharing and magic. The actual number of acts performed in a show are dependent on a variety of factors including, type & duration of show, audience size, context of performance/talk. It should be sufficient to know that Nakul Shenoy guarantees a memorable, amazing experience for his audiences and does all that is necessary to achieve that.
What are the acts that you perform in a show?
The Nakul Shenoy Experience is always being updated to be better and ever adapting to best fit the context of performance. Nakul chooses his performance pieces based on his highly successful 20 year experience as a magical entertainer, and is known to opt for specific acts even at the last moment to ensure optimum entertainment for the audience. Thus, we do not share a laundry list of acts that may be performed by Nakul Shenoy in a show, especially because he does not think sharing such a list helps anybody. Suffice to note that minds will be read and people amazed in ways unimaginable.
Great! So what acts will you perform in our show?
Oh! That’s easy! Nakul Shenoy will read minds and amaze people in ways unimaginable.

Yes! We really are serious about not sharing a laundry list of the magical experiences that may be presented by Nakul in the show. We assure you that your guests will have an amazing, unforgettable experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Clientele, Type Of Events, Show/Talk?

Who (or what kind of clients) engage your services?
Nakul Shenoy is regularly engaged by Fortune 500 companies and other top companies in IT, FMCG, Manufacturing, Banking, and the like. These have included tech majors such as Apple, Ericsson, IBM, Infosys, Microsoft, SAP, TCS, and Wipro, banks like ICICI, HDFC and HSBC, electronic giants like Bosch, Cisco, Intel, HP and Samsung, and top companies across the industry like Ford, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, PWC, Quest Global, Thomson Reuters and Vodafone. For a more detailed listing of our repeat clients see our Client Roster.
What type of events do you perform &/or speak at?
Nakul Shenoy is hired for varied type of corporate engagements, and these have included award events, annual events, partner meets, product launches, internal events, customer meets, technology conferences, industry conclaves, campus events, and the like. A majority of his events tend to be with senior management, top customers, and premier partners, as Nakul’s clients know that their guests are in good hands and will have a memorable experience. As always, we are happy to advice you to the suitability of a Nakul Shenoy performance for your event.
What kind of performance slots can we engage you?
Nakul Shenoy is typically hired as a keynote speaker, post-lunch speaker, or pre-dinner entertainer. He is also engaged as the mainstay entertainer for internal events and as the special entertainer at award events. We are happy to understand more about your event and advice you to the slot that will be most suitable for The Nakul Shenoy Experience.
What is the difference between a show and a talk?
Nakul Shenoy is primarily engaged for two types of sessions: an entertaining show or an edutaining talk (typically as a keynote or post-lunch address).
The show is typically a 45-minute engagement where the participants witness Nakul Shenoy reading minds, projecting thoughts, and influencing people behaviour. This is typically a mainstay entertainment in a larger event or end-of-conference pre-dinner session.
The talks are lecture-demonstrations where Nakul Shenoy shares his learnings in the varied but related fields of magic, hypnotism, user experience, and communication research, and motivates the participants to achieve what they truly wish for.
We are as ever happy to help you choose between a show and a talk, based on what is most suitable for your event. Just write in to us with the details of your event and we will get back to you.
Can we have a mixture of a show and a talk?
Yes! There are many events where a combination of a show and talk fits best, and Nakul Shenoy understands this as well as anybody. Based on the requirements of your event, we are happy to offer The Nakul Shenoy Experience as a fluid combination of the show and talk, thereby delivering entertainment and learning effectively. And yes, all our sessions may be delivered as motivational too.

What Exactly Are You Gonna Do?

What kind of jokes / humour do you bring in your shows?
Nakul Shenoy deeply believes in good, clean, situational humour that everybody in the audience enjoys. The entire content of our shows is corporate-friendly, and does not include crass or x-rated jokes. Since most of Nakul’s corporate audiences are comprised of CXOs and top customers, we do not believe in making any individual bear the brunt of a joke. Nakul Shenoy believes in laughing with and not laughing at, and that is what he ensures in his shows and talks.
Will any of our guests be embarrassed during your show?
Nakul Shenoy does not believe in getting the audience have fun at the expense of one or a few. He delivers clean entertainment while crafting the most amazing moments via his mind reading effects. At no point will you find anybody embarrassed and everybody will enjoy the show collectively. After all, with most of our audiences being corporate leaders of various companies we cannot really afford to anger/alienate anybody. Can we?
Can you tell us the items you will perform in your show?
No! We cannot give you a laundry list of the effects that Nakul Shenoy will perform. Nakul Shenoy does not believe this helps anybody, and only takes away from the entertainment and experience that he will deliver. Also, on most occasions, Nakul chooses the effects he performs only at the last moment having witnessed the gathering and getting a feel of what will be most amazing and entertaining for them. Suffice to say that your guests are in good hands and will enjoy an experience of a lifetime.
Can you send us the script of your show?
No! Nakul Shenoy does not work from a script, and so there is indeed no script to share. Plus, this loops back to our stand on not sharing a laundry list of the effects that may be performed. Each show is unique in its own way, with Nakul customising his talk and presentations based on his reading of the audience. He really wishes to make this extra special for your guests, and he will.
This is for our top management/clients/CXOs. We need to know exactly what you will do.
Perfect! That is exactly the audience that Nakul Shenoy loves performing for and excels at. Most of his audiences tend to be senior management, leadership teams, CXOs, top clients, and the like, and they all love The Nakul Shenoy Experience. We can’t tell you anything more than Nakul Shenoy will read minds, project thoughts, and influence people behaviour in a way nobody thought possible. Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience, for we know your guests are going to have the time of a lifetime.

Professional Fees, Discounts, Et Al.

How much do you charge for an event?
Nakul Shenoy is an internationally acclaimed, sought-after corporate speaker and magical entertainer. The professional fees for a show can vary based on the specifics of the event. We request you to write in to us with your event details to enable us to get back with all the necessary details.
We have multiple events. Can we get a bulk discount?
Bulk discounts may be offered based on the number of events that you engage Nakul Shenoy in. These are typically given to a series of three or more events. Feel free to write in to us with your event details to enable us to get back to you with the best offers.
We are an event management company. Do we get an agency commission?
In general, we operate on a non-commissionable basis and firmly believe the professional fees we are paid is repaid multiple times in value with the experience delivered by Nakul Shenoy. After all, that ensure a happy client and repeat business for you. Having said that, we do offer bulk discounts and this can also be applied to repeat business provided to us by event managers. So feel free to write in to us to discuss this further.
We are a non-profit organisation. Can we get your show free?
We are constantly looking at supporting genuine non-profit efforts and working with development causes using the skills and presentations of Nakul Shenoy. Write in to us with what you have in mind, and we should be able to offer something special for you.
We are a voluntary organisation. Can we get your show free?
We understand the needs and limitations of voluntary organisations and strive to work closely with them to make their events magical. Even as we reserve our gratis engagements for non-profit and developmental organisations, we are known to work with voluntary organisations at huge discounts or nominal costs. Reach us with your specific event needs, and we will work with you to make the best deal.
We are an educational institution. Can we get your show free?
Nakul Shenoy has spoken and performed at many campus events – some gratis, some at a huge discount. It all depends on the type of event, and the (non)commercial nature of the same. We recommend that you write in to us with your event details, and allow us to work with you to make the best possible arrangement happen.
We may not have the budget required. Are any discounts possible?
The professional fees charged for The Nakul Shenoy Experience is typically in flux and constantly updated to fit the demand. Based on that, we have a fixed rate based on the type of event and its specific requirements, and do not normally negotiate. Yet, exceptions may be sometimes made based on genuineness of the request and the fitment of the event. Feel free to write in and discuss this with us and let us see what we can do.

What Do You Need From Us?

What are your travel requirements?
You will need to arrange the air travel tickets for Mr Nakul Shenoy from Bangalore (INDIA) to the city of event and back, along with the airport transfers &/or local transportation as necessary. Please check with us on the specifics of the preferred airlines, travel class, travel itinerary, etc., before booking the tickets. For international events, you will need to help us with the relevant visa  as necessary.
What are your accommodation requirements?
You will need to lodge Mr Nakul Shenoy at the same hotel where the event will be held. Only in cases where this is not practical, may you lodge Nakul at the nearest five-star hotel. To facilitate a comfortable stay and preparation for the event, please reserve a non-smoking room, and ensure you have the food covered. Please feel free to check with us on any specifics before booking the room.
What are your technical requirements?
Nakul Shenoy has only a few but important requirements to ensure that the show works to his satisfaction. These include,

– Lapel Wireless Mic
– Handheld Wireless Mic
– Tea Table (on stage)
– Seated audience
– Stage / Platform / Demarcated Performance Area

Any other requirement that may be needed by Nakul specifically for your event will be communicated well in time. Of course you can reach us with any queries you may have.

What are the hidden clauses? Any surprises?
There really are no hidden clauses or unpleasant surprises in working with Nakul Shenoy. The only surprise is the wonderful everlasting feeling that the audience is left with. Our friendly tip: treat him well, and make that even better.
Is there anything else that we need to know about?
Nakul Shenoy believes in creating a memorable live-impacting experience by connecting with his audience and crafting an interactive and immersive presentation. This requires that the audience is seated, well settled, and uninebriated. Also, there should be no movement of serving staff and the like during the period of the show. Together we will make the event unforgettable and special.

Do you still have questions for us? We will be glad to help.
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