For those interested in Films….

I really do not know what is becoming of me… for I seem to have gone on a eGroup creation spree.

What started as a way for my close group or friends to keep in touch, diversified when I launched two alumni eGroups for each of the colleges I had studied in.

And of course then there was Deconstructions, an eGroup that has grown to accomodate more than 80 members (academicians, intellectuals, researchers, et. al) who are trashing out their brains discussing Derrida and Deconstruction.

Although the main focus of the group (the motive behind its launch) seems to have been lost in the flurry of mails on deconstruction, I am happy that the platform is being used by the members for exchanging their ideas (discourses?)

While my yearn for an eGroup that can truly discuss the paradigms affecting Communication is still pretty much alive, I have now gone ahead and begun yet another eGroup – This time for the film buffs.

The idea is that any film buff, worth his/her words, should join:
[Pardon the advertisement ;-)]

In the meantime, here I am — still in the IT Industry — looking for a way out… having decided to pursue a PhD on that dearest topic of mine: Art of Magic as a Medium of Communication!