Fraternising the Magic Brotherhood

Interactions with people engaged in the same craft is essential for the overall development of an individual, and this is no different to Magic. The craft of Magic has seen more than its share of Clubs and Societies both internationally and in India, plus the problems associated therewith.

A notable name among these myriad magical institutions is The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) based in St Louis, USA. Founded in 1922, the IBM has grown to be the world’s largest organisation of magicians with over 13000 members in 73 countries.

Being a part of this prestigious organisation brings along a load of benefits, including the ability to play an active role in the 300-odd local IBM Rings worldwide. Over the years, India has had many of them like Ring 261 in Coimbatore and Ring 83 in Kolkata. Other Rings in India have included Ring 67 in Mumbai, Ring 272 in Thane, Ring 177 in Bangalore and Ring 206 in Calicut.

India has two Territorial Vice Presidents (TVP) in B Dayanand and Solyl Kundu, while Sam Dalal has had the unique honour of serving as the International Vice President.

Members of the IBM receive the Linking Ring, a monthly magazine filled with magic news, products updates, and tricks from around the globe. All in all, the IBM is a great organisation to be a part of – to learn and to contribute. For more details, see, or contact the TVPs or myself.

PS: This article originally appeared in the July 2008 issue of the VMN.