Visiting today (Is there a day when we don’t visit it?) I saw this link:
Get Gmail – Google’s free email service with 1 GB of space.

SO if you still haven’t got a GMail Id yet, register yourself and join the revolution called GMail!

Finally, GMail is available to all who want it…? Well, not really.

Google says: “As we make room for more Gmail users, we want to first extend invitations to Google users. We’re still working to make Gmail better, so for now, we’re just inviting a small number at random. Looks like that’s you! We’re really excited to share Gmail with you and we hope you like it. ”

Go to NOW! And see if you are the random choice… ­čśë


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  1. hey nakul,

    Long time since you’ve posted and you’re one of the regular ones.

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