Getting techie at Udupi
Originally uploaded by nakulshenoy.

The official “cyber-access point” at my home in Udupi.
Note: This is my first post to lj through flickr. Thanks to joshmachine and jace for the inspiration through their mobile blogs…


  1. yay!!! mobile blogging is fun..

    1. You bet! Especially when technology affords it.

      PS: Still awaiting that other message to appear…!!

  2. Haha, cute telephone! I want one of those too! :/

    1. Hey! That’s the only one that works here… with all the heavy rains. So we are not parting with it. You find your own ­čśë


  3. You have a paid LiveJournal account. You can use LJ itself for the image hosting. See

    1. Thanks Jace.

      It says “Be sure to add the email address of your cell phone to your allowed senders list.” Dunno if Hutch has anything like that which I can provide… ?


      1. If you are sending as MMS to an email address, this is your Hutch address:

        Inclusive of the plus sign.

        1. Danke schon, Kiran. Thou art the man!


          1. Err… Uploaded a pic with write-up… the same elusive one I have been trying earlier. The image can be seen at — but for some reason the entry is not yet up at LJ… May be it will appear in some time…


        2. Err… the problem never corrected itself… The picture is posted to pics, but not to the blog itself.

          I get a: “Client error: This journal is temporarily in read-only mode. Try again in a couple minutes.”

          The same posetde through Flickr works…!

          Any solutions?


  4. Swades!

    The photo looks right out of Swades! The thing that attracts me the most is the old telephone beside the modern laptop!

    1. Re: Swades!

      You seem to have missed the Exide Invared battery ­čśë

      1. Re: Swades!

        Oh yes, for the power[cuts]!

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