Last month I implored all my magician friends to believe in the power of REAL Magic, and let it influence their performances. Let me take the thought further.

It is like the make-believe world of fiction or film. We all know that the actor really did not die; that it was all part of an elaborate theatre on camera we call cinema. But to really enjoy the film, we need to live its emotions.

Imagine this! If a person slips on a peel of banana, or plays the part of a joker on screen, it serves no purpose to say: It is all rehearsed. It does however make perfect sense to forget the play-acting, and instead live the reel-world as the real one.

Similarly, we need people to believe in magic, and only then will they really enjoy the performances. It is no use presenting them with tricks and puzzles questioning their intellect. As my friend Pradip Rao puts it, we need them to willingly immerse themselves in a world of make-believe… what I would call an alter-position of reality.

Think about it. We all know Harry Potter is a fictional character. That Mandrake exists only in a comic strip. But the magic they weave is possible ONLY because we let them.

Would you not love to be a real magician?


PS: This article originally appeared in the March 2006 issue of VMN.