Here I am sitting in Hong Kong, giving some finishing touches to the Information Architecture.

But then, am I really here?

Though my body is surely here, sitting in the clients office, on a Sunday afternoon, my hands typing away on another’s computer…

My mind is in India, where the company I work for has suddenly begun letting go people. My soul is shaken terribly, for the people I worked with, moved with and ate with… are no more in the company.

These guys and gals have been asked to leave… fine pals they were, most of them.

There’s no notice period, neither any pay in lieu of it. These people who put in their minds, hearts and body in paying homage to that one magical term IT, are suddenly on the streets.

Will they find any takers… will they make a living once again… are just a couple of the spine-chilling questions that come to the mind.

What will these people do with their lives… the lives that were spent in learning and mastering one single thing – Computer Science.

They sincerely believed that by devoting their time and effort in this field of Information Technology, they could make their lives – and those around them – worth living. But where will they go now? What will they do now?

Here we are seated about 23 floors above sea level, 2.30 hours ahead of our motherland, hundreds of miles away from our workplaces and homes… without any idea as to what awaits us back home.

Will it be an overly empty office, unoccupied workstations where our friends and colleagues once used to sit and work? Or will we also be asked to leave along with those who have already left?

Like they say, each of us believes that accidents and diseases happen only to those around us, never to ourselves. But we are wrong.

Well, I had heard that lay offs were happening here and there, in this company and that, in this number or that… but, like many others, I too thought I would never be affected by all this.

But now that it has affected some people near and dear, I am really wondering… Where on earth am I? And more importantly… where on earth will I be Tomorrow?


  1. The industry needs to correct itself. People must stop dreaming and start following the tried and tested way to do business. The flab must be trimmed.

    BTW, Information architecture is one of my favourite subject! Where do you work?

    I like the colours you’ve chosen for your journal.

    1. Just to say: Hi!

      Hi Ram,

      How have you been? Now I am working fo Yantra Solutions, at Bangalore…

      Was revisiting my memories… and saw your post… thought this was a good time to write… 😉

      Have been reading your weblog… must say I am impressed.

      And in case you are wondering what took so long for the reply… here’s the reason.

      Do keep in touch.

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