1. Same here, Nakul! Enjoyed the conversation yesterday. Btw, my mail id is arun dot anantharaman at gmail dot com.

    1. I second that! And hopefully, next time you’ll show us a few tricks.. 🙂

      1. On the contrary Bala, don’t you think you should pull some of those dusted books out of the showcase, and brush up on your tricks… It would be fun to watch you perform magic too 😉

        I am reachable at nakulshenoy at gmail dot com.

  2. Good meeting you too, Nakul. Looking forward to next time. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about.

    1. For sure, Kiran. For sure.

  3. For the record, the gym instructor has flu. So my gym session yesterday was a non-starter. 🙁

    1. Let me guess… So you loitered around the Math 😉

      1. Correction- ‘outside it.’ The traffic jam was huge.

        1. I stand corrected.

          Hey Guys! Any guesses on what “traffic” Chetan is referring to ?


          1. Har har.

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