History is written by the victors…

In an article headlined: The history that winners write in The Observer, David Beresford writes:
[…] History, it is said, is written by the winners and there is much to justify that in our lifetimes. Certainly the “bodyguard of lies” which had moulded my perceptions as a schoolboy still marched with me into adulthood. That I realised while sitting, open-mouthed, in front of the TV recently, watching a documentary demolish a World War II myth of submarine warfare which I had never doubted – that German submariners suffered an compulsion to machine-gun helpless passengers thrashing around hopelessly in the sea, after torpoeding their ships. Apparently there had been only one recorded instance of this happening and the German commander involved was subsequently subjected to a court martial back in Germany.

It is the type of propaganda which seems to accompany all war. Some are sillier than others. […]

A really interesting article by Beresford, which links to the concepts of Myth and Propaganda, that are integral to the Representation of War and Conflict. This article was published on April 27, 2003, and I found it today as I was trying to Google for “History is written by the winners,” in a bid to find the individual who said it first.

Surprise! It was Adolf Hitler who said the words! The actual words read: “History is written by the victors”.

Ironic, to say the least… as most of what we know of Hitler’s (non)achievements are from the “Allied” accounts of the World War…

Am happy that I found it. At least today.